Three Phases To Your Dynamic Body

Phase one will last two weeks. Phase two will last four weeks and phase three will last six weeks. Then we'll just have to take it from there. With these, your will get the body you have always dreamed of!

This diet can help shed those extra pounds you gained over the holidays. We all had "good intentions" of not over indulging over the holidays, most of us did anyway. Regardless of all the "good intentions" most of us gained a few extra pounds of unwanted FAT. Well, let's get moving and take action toward getting rid of this fat. Let's bring down our waistline so we can SEE those abs we want so bad.

Diet aside for a minute, you should be working your abs two to three times per week. This way when you strip the fat you will have abs to see. You should also do cardio three to six times a week. Cardio should be between twenty to forty minutes in duration. Intensity should be about sixty to seventy-five percent of your max heart rate. All this depends on your time and desire to burn body fat. Click here to determine your max heart rate! Get your own heart rate monitor watch, click here!

Speaking of desire, suppose you were told by God, that you had three months to lose 10 pounds of body fat. If you did not lose the ten pounds, you would die! That's right, your life would be taken from you, if you did not lose that 10 pounds! Do you think you would be able to do it? I bet you would find a way to get your four to six meals in every day. You would find time to do your cardio fat burning sessions. So let's take action now towards reaching your fat burning goals.

With that in mind, I'll move on to the three phases. Phase one will last two weeks. Phase two will last four weeks and phase three will last six weeks. Then we'll just have to take it from there.

Phase 1
"The Clean Up"

The first two weeks we want to clean up your diet. This "clean up" phase allows you to get on the right track. To get some success under your belt, so we can get rid of the fat from under your belt, this phase begins by eating a balanced amount of "clean" food. You could probably even get away with eating as much of the "clean" food as you want, just don't get too carried away. The main purpose of this phase is to get your body used to eating "clean foods" and getting the "bad foods" out of your system.

I believe we can keep your caloric level in the same range. We just want to shift those calories to healthier foods. I want you to consider your worst dietary habits and try to change them for healthier habits.

For instance, if you eat a lot of fast food, make an effort to consume more nutritious meals. You can make these at home. Try grilled chicken breast sandwiches made with a low-fat mayo on flourless bread instead of fried chicken sandwiches. Eat a side salad with oil and vinegar instead of french fries.

If you neglect fruits and vegetables and other high fiber foods, focus on adding them into your weekly nutrition plan. If you eat a lot of deserts and sweets, try to eat larger portions at meals and cut deserts down to a bite or two. You could even cut them out altogether if you can handle it. Don't skip meals. Focus on eating a minimum of four times a day. Optimally five or six times would be better. Think about eating every three hours (Example: 7a.m., 10a.m., 1p.m., 4p.m., 7p.m. and a low carb/ high protein snack at 10p.m).

In the bodybuilding world, we call this "cleaning up" your diet. This phase prepares you mentally for the discipline of the diet, without having to reduce calories. More importantly, eating more throughout the day will help boost your metabolism. Your goal at this point is not to reduce calories. You would be surprised by how many calories get reduced by cutting out the bad foods.

Phase 2
"Eating The Foods That Work Best For You"

Imagine your body is like a fireplace. It is wintertime and you want to keep a fire going all day long. If you had to choose between oak wood or paper for fuel, which one would you choose and why? Most of us would choose the oak wood. The wood will burn slower and more efficiently. Foods on the lower end of the glycemic index burn slower and more efficiently.

This second phase is about choosing efficient foods. We will replace higher glycemic foods for lower glycemic foods. This is an individual thing. Personally, I would give up white bread, pasta and dairy products. I would replace starchy carbohydrates such as white rice with more fibrous carbohydrates such as lentils, brown rice, sweet potatoes and slow cooking oatmeal. Lists of acceptable and unacceptable foods, glycemic index and sample meals was sent to you when you signed up for Dynamic Bodies E-Fitness Tips. Refer to these for your selection of foods. If you need a copy e-mail me at and make sure to include your e-mail address. I will send you a complimentary copy of these foods.

As far as protein, start emphasizing leaner cuts of meat. Focus on chicken and turkey breast, egg whites and white fish. You can still eat red meat. Eat it a little less frequently. It is higher in fat. Again, keep on the five to six meals a day regimen. The number of meals you eat has a significant impact on your metabolic rate. This in turn affects your body's ability to burn body fat. Continue with your fat burning cardio sessions and do this phase for four weeks.

Phase 3
"Caloric Cutback & Carbohydrate Cycling"

Now you are more than half way there. At this point you really haven't cut back on calories. You have mainly shifted them around to better choices. If you have been eating four to six times a day your metabolism should now be more efficient. This phase can be the most challenging and beneficial part of this program. It has been brought to my attention, that this diet plan is advanced. If you have any questions about it contact me at

In phase one and two, we worked towards improving your metabolism. Now when we cut back on your calories, your body will burn as much body fat as possible and spare your muscle. This is vitally important, because your muscle fires up your metabolism.

An easy way of doing this is cycling your carbohydrates. There are several ways to do this.

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Low Low Low Med Med High High

Below is an example for a 200lb. man:
Low: 100 grams of carbs
Med: 200 grams of carbs
High: 300 grams of carbs

For a 150lb woman below is an example:
Low: 50 grams of carbs
Med: 150 grams of carbs
High: 225 grams of carbs

Figure 1 gram of carbohydrate for 1 lb. of body weight as your medium carbohydrate intake. This is an average. Don't get so technical about it. This is an average. Vary your low and high carb intake around that amount.

As you lower your carbs, it is a good idea to increase your consumption of good fats. Using breakfast as an example, look at the chart below:

Day 1 (low carb) Day 2 (med carb) Day 3 (high carb)
1 serving of oatmeal 1 ½ servings of oatmeal 1 ½ servings of oatmeal
4 egg whites 6 egg whites ¾ cup of mixed berries
4 whole eggs 2 whole eggs 10 egg whites

Carb cycling allows for the benefits of reducing carbs in terms of fat burning, while still maintaining good energy levels to perform your rigorous workouts. In the beginning this phase can be tough. As your body adapts, you will feel pretty good. Your physique will be changing and you will be very happy about that. The high carb days help you to replenish. It will also make it easier to stick to your diet.

The following is an example of low carb, medium carb and high carb days:

Low Carb Day Medium Carb Day High Carb Day
Meal #1 1 serving of oatmeal
4 egg whites
4 whole eggs
1 ½ servings of oatmeal
6 egg whites
2 whole eggs
1 servings of oatmeal
¾ cup of mixed berries
10 egg whites
Meal #2 Meal Replacement Shake Meal Replacement Shake Meal Replacement Shake with ¾ cup of mixed berries
Meal #3 Chicken Salad with olive oil and vinegar Chicken with 1 cup of brown rice and a salad with oil and vinegar Sliced Turkey breast with 1 serving of yams and a salad
Meal #4 Protein shake with flaxseed oil Meal Replacement Shake Meal Replacement Shake with 3/4 cup of mixed berries
Meal #5 Grilled or baked salmon with steamed vegetables Lean steak grilled with steamed vegetables Stir-fried shrimp with 1cup of rice and a salad
Meal #6 Protein shake with flaxseed oil Protein dink with flaxseed oil Meal Replacement Shake

Can You See The Difference?

A note on meal replacement shakes and protein powder:
Meal replacement shakes (Ex. Labrada Lean Body Shake) have protein and carbs like a real meal while protein shakes (EAS Precision Protein Powder) have protein only.

Once you do this for six weeks you should be beyond your original goal. At the end of the twelve-week diet you can begin to phase out of your diet. It is not a good idea to immediately pig out on tons of pizza and sweets. Gradually increase regular foods into your diet. This way you can continue to enjoy your new dynamic body. You may even be able to attain your new healthy eating habits.