Female Body Shapes: Which Are You?

Women have these crazy body shapes. Learn how to tell which type you are, and learn what type of training you should then be doing.

Anyone who has ever worked out can tell you that there is not just one exercise program to fit all. If you are like most ladies, I'm sure there are body parts that you would like trim down, and others that you would like to add more size and shape to.

With all the conflicting information available to you, are you confused on how to properly workout to meet your body's needs? There is a solution. Identifying your body shape can remove a lot of the guesswork and refine your exercise program to satisfy your needs.

Your body shape is a direct result of your genetics, as well as lifestyle. You are a blueprint of your parents, grandparents, and so on. As true as this may be, you do have the power to change the plan. This change is made possible through your lifestyle, which are your food choices and activity level.

Basic Body Shapes

There are 6 basic body shape frames that ladies fall into, and they are:

The "A Frame"

The "A Frame" lady is also known as the "Spoon Shape". These individuals carry extra weight in the lower region of the body, mainly in the hips, thighs and buttocks, while their waist and bust are small. Balance needs to be met by widening the shoulder girth and the back.


This body type should zone in on lower body cardio to rid the excess weight in the lower region, such as walking, cycling, or use of the elliptical machine. Resistance training should be kept light to moderate. Avoid the stepper, as it can build more size to the legs.

Resistance Training

To bring balance and harmony, add more poundage to the Shoulder Presses, Lateral Raises, and Pulldowns. Keep your repetitions on the lower end for your upper body, anywhere in the 6-8 range. View additional resistance training exercises.

It is best to keep Squats light to moderate, and include more Leg Extensions and Lunges. Maintain leg repetitions in the 10-15 range.

The "V Frame"

The "V Frame", also known as the "Cone Shape", lady has shoulders that are two or more inches wider than her hips. She usually has large bust, narrow hips, and thin legs. Balance needs to be met by bringing the lower body up to speed with the upper body.


The stepper is a good form of cardio to burn calories and add thickness to the legs. The treadmill on an incline is also suitable, but this body type is best to avoid the elliptical machine, as it will lean the legs up too much.

Resistance Training

To increase leg size, concentrate on quality thigh training. Basic power movements should compose the bulk of your leg exercises, such as Squats, Leg Presses and Stiff Deadlifts. Shaping exercises such as Extensions and Lunges are good finishers. Use moderate to heavy poundage and keep the repetitions on the lower end, in the 6-8 range.

The "H Frame"

The "H Frame" lady has an athletic build, but has a large waist and shoulders, and lacks symmetry. This body shape is squared off and blocky. Those who posses the "H Frame" really need to direct attention to their symmetry by minimizing the waist.


Cardio choices should be focused on trimming the upper body and bringing out the symmetry. Such cardio tactics should include the treadmill on an incline and the stepper.

Resistance Training

Proper lower body training is needed for balance to bring it up to par with the wide shoulders. Concentrate on Squats, Leg Press and Stiff Deadlifts as the bulk of your training, and use the Extension and Lunges as finishers. Use moderate to heavy poundage in the 6-8 repetition range.

The "Ruler"

The "Ruler" body shape's measurements of the chest, waist, and hips are fairly equal. This lady is lean, has a high metabolism, and doesn't gain weight very easily.


Cardio should be kept to a minimum, preferably the stepper, and more focus should go on the resistance training.

Resistance Training

Training should be intense and brief. Each muscle group should be trained once weekly. The focus should go into intensity and building symmetry through proper shoulder, back, and leg training. Use heavy compound movements such as Bench Presses, Shoulder Presses, Lat Pulldowns, Squats, etc. You want to put emphasis on building muscle, therefore keep the repetitions in the 6-8 repetition range.

The "8 Frame"

The "8 Frame", also know as the "Hourglass", is genetically gifted. They are the proper height and weight for their body. Their bust and hips are the same size, with the waist being 10 inches smaller… said to be the perfect figure from modeling experts. This lady's gains are evenly distributed, as well as fat loss.

- Cardio should be balanced with training. Any cardio technique is fine, and keeping a variety is best.

Resistance Training
- This is the ultimate body frame for bodybuilding and/or fitness. A balanced training program with a variety of exercises works well. Many find changing the workout program every 6-8 weeks productive, and an assortment of repetition ranges keeps the body off guard.

The "Oval Frame"

The "Oval Frame", also known as the "apple" is average height or shorter, large busted, has thin legs, and gains weight in the midsection.


Routine cardio, such as the treadmill on an incline or the stepper, are necessary to generate overall weight loss. The elliptical machine should be avoided as it leans out the legs too much.

Resistance Training

Weight training should be focused on the legs to create balance with the upper body. Include more Squats, Leg Presses, and Stiff Deadlifts to bring the lower body up to speed with the upper body. Maintain repetitions in the 6-8 range for balance.

Now you have first-rate information on how to train for your personal body shape. What are you waiting for? Go take action and take control!