The Cheat To Lose Diet, Chapter 1 Excerpt: A Cheater's Introduction!

In the pages to follow, I will unveil a diet that couldn't be any easier to follow, but at the same time, is going to prove to be very effective... Here's a brief introduction to a diet that, with determination, will help you lose fat!

The Cheat To Lose Diet

    Cheat BIG with the foods you love; lose fat faster than ever before and enjoy keeping the weight off!

The Cheat To Lose Diet! The Cheat To Lose Diet!
Cheat BIG with the foods you love; lose fat faster than ever before and enjoy keeping the weight off!
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Chapter 1 Excerpt: A Cheater's Introduction:

    I'm absolutely thrilled that you are reading this book! Why am I thrilled? I'm thrilled because I know the information contained in the next 9 chapters is going to help you change your habits, your body, and ultimately your life.

    In the pages to follow, I am going to unveil to you a diet that couldn't be any easier to follow, but at the same time, is going to prove to be the most effective diet you have ever tried. Sound like an oxymoron? Maybe before, but with The Cheat to Lose Diet, it's reality.

    You will not be deprived; you will eat the foods you crave, and you will lose fat faster than ever before. This diet is one that anyone, and I mean anyone, can have success with. You may be someone who has tried every diet under the sun to no avail, but as sure as you are reading this book, that is going to change - big-time.


Prior to Cheat to Lose, the longest I lasted on any sort of "diet" was about a month or so. That's when the cravings would really start to kick in and I'd fall victim to them every time. I just didn't have the willpower it took to stay on a diet, or at least that's what I thought. Then I read about Joel's Cheat to Lose Diet and how he actually encourages dieters to cheat on a regular basis. I was definitely a pro at cheating, so I decided to give it a try.

Instead of being emotionally distraught with random "screw ups", the weekly planned cheating of the Cheat to Lose Diet had me cheating with a purpose. Finally, I found a diet that I can actually stick to. Six months later, I'm still maintaining the 20 lbs of fat I lost (From 127 to 107 at 5'2") and love the energy I have each day to spend on my kids.

Christina J.
Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Ingredients For Success:

      It has been said that a diet is only as effective as the number of people that can stick with it, and wow, that statement couldn't be any more true!

      While many of today's premiere diets look enticing on paper, their success rates, or the number of people that actually follow through on them for any length of time, leave much to be desired. A diet can be great in theory, but if it's not practical for the average person to follow in the short and long term, it's not worth a whole lot.

      On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have your oversimplified, dumb-downed diet claiming X while rarely delivering on such claims. These "fad" diets are temporarily embraced by the media and general public with exaggerated zeal because of their extreme simplicity and alluring claims.

      Unfortunately, the popularity of such diets is short lived as they continually fail to produce lasting results. Albert Einstein once said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." While the diets in question are initially appealing, they'll never stand the test of time when sacrificing effectiveness for simplicity. For a diet to be valuable, it needs to be both practical and effective, and that's exactly what this diet is.

Joel Marion Joel Marion
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For A Diet To Be Valuable,
It Needs To Be Both Practical And Effective.

    This Diet Was Developed By A Screw-up:

      And that's the truth, folks. If I were perfect, I never would have discovered how effective an approach like Cheat to Lose could be; I never would have developed this diet, and I never would have written this book. You see, in the early months of 2002, I was on a mission - a mission to obtain the best physical shape of my life.

      Extremely determined, I formulated my plan of attack and made up my mind that there would be no deviating from it - and that meant no pizza, ice cream, potato chips, cookies (oh, my beloved chocolate chip cookies), candy, or any other food that wasn't on my pre-approved list. "Absolutely no cheating!" I told myself. I knew it wouldn't be easy, but I also knew it was what I had to do to make my goals reality. Or so I thought then.


The Cheat to Lose Diet has completely changed my life. I am 50 lbs lighter and have lost more than 10 inches around my waist - and I'm still going. I have confidence again. I have a feeling that I will be there for my son when he grows up. I have self-respect again, and I feel I have regained respect from others. There is no aspect of my life that has not changed for the better since I started the Cheat to Lose Diet. I honestly believe if I had not discovered Cheat to Lose, I would be over 300 pounds right now, depressed, not doing well at work, and not being a great dad to my son.

Instead, I am happy, healthy, full of energy, and confident. I have been hiking with my 25+ pound son on my back, going up trails I could not have done a year ago with no additional weight. I am doing things on the tennis court and the hockey rink that I have not been able to do for years. I am even thinking of participating in a triathlon this upcoming year. My life has changed, as well as my lifestyle and my overall level of happiness and success. Without this approach, I would never be able to stick to a diet, and my past is proof of just that. For me, this is not a diet; it is a way of life. Thank you Cheat to Lose!

Timm B.
Denver, Colorado

      No more than a month into the diet, I hit a wall - a big wall - and over the course of the next few weeks neither the scale nor the image in the mirror seemed to change. I became discouraged, and given my relatively limited knowledge of the body's natural feedback systems at the time, I had no clue as to why my progress had come to such a screeching halt despite my religious adherence to the program.

      Shortly after, I went to a party hosted by a friend of mine which included fun, games, and plenty of good food. Now, anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I love to eat.

      It's common knowledge that to ensure enough food is present, I need to be counted as three guests - minimum. And the fact that I wasn't eating anything at the party concerned quite a few individuals. From the moment I walked in the door, I was surrounded by food. Within ten minutes, I had been offered something to eat at least half a dozen times.

      After repeatedly (albeit reluctantly) uttering the words "No thank you," people began to ask why I wasn't eating. I told them I was dieting and after dealing with the usual "Come on, live a little!" response, I continued to socialize. About a half hour later, I made the mistake of walking into the kitchen. Everything smelled so good - pasta, meatballs, Italian breads and pastries, crackers, cookies, chips, and cake.

      Before I knew it, I was living up to my reputation, devouring plate after plate of pasta, meatballs, warm, soft Italian bread, desserts, and just about anything I could get my hands on.

      After continuing to indulge myself for the next few hours, the party started to wind down and it was time to head home. Upon my arrival, I immediately sprawled out on the couch and let the insulin and serotonin rush I recently triggered do its thing. I slept like a baby.

      Unfortunately, when I woke up, I did so with a cloud of guilt. I felt like a failure. I broke the plan. Instead of sucking it up when things got difficult, I gave in and became careless. Still, I had goals to reach and I couldn't let my "screw-up" keep me down.


In eight weeks, I cheated to lose 18 lbs and 14.5 inches! I'm now fitting back into jeans I wore almost 10 years ago in high school, and there's no way I would have been able to do it without The Cheat to Lose Diet.

I've never been able to stick to a diet because I've never been able to, week-after-week, deprive myself of my most favorite foods; well, with The Cheat to Lose Diet, I didn't have to! I've gotten so many compliments from friends and family members, and even just recently bought some new "sexy" clothing to wear out. My boyfriend is proud of me, I'm proud of myself, and I'm both looking and feeling great!

Erin M.
Arlington, Virginia

      Over the course of the next few days, I got back on track with my diet and exercise program and was doing quite well. But it wasn't very long until I was tempted again. No more than a week later, I walked in the door from a long day of work to find two freshly baked pizzas sitting on the kitchen table. Man, was it ever the wrong time for something like this to happen; I hadn't eaten in hours and was "starving."

      I figured a slice or two wouldn't kill me, but that "slice or two" turned into half a pie, then 5 and 6 slices, and eventually I put the finishing touches on an entire large pizza.

      At that point, I became pretty liberal about what I ate for the rest of the evening. I figured the night was already lost, so why not enjoy it and then start fresh tomorrow? Needless to say, I splurged into the wee hours of the morning running up quite an impressive calorie total along the way. Screw up #2 was now a page in the history books.

      Once again, I resumed my program in hopes of making up for lost ground. In just a few short days, the initial bloat and water retention resulting from my massive feast had faded, and surprisingly, I actually appeared to be leaner than I was two weeks before.

      This made me curious, and understandably so, so I decided to step on the scale (something I had been adamantly avoiding) to find out what was happening. I was down three pounds. How in the world did the most undedicated, screwed-up two weeks of my dietary life pull me out of a major fat-loss rut and result in a three-pound loss of flab?


We decided to do The Cheat to Lose Diet as a family - and it's been a wonderful experience all around. In only eight weeks time, I lost over 5 percent body fat, my wife was finally able to rid herself of those last 10 lbs she had been struggling to lose (and has kept them off), and my 16 year old son is now more than 20 lbs lighter.

Together, as a family, we have encouraged each other and pulled each other through - but we couldn't have done it without an approach like The Cheat to Lose Diet. With other diets, we'd fail as they limited too many things. With The Cheat to Lose Diet, we learned how to enjoy all types of foods in their right time and place - including things like pizza and ice cream. The Cheat Day was an excellent motivator for us as it encouraged good behavior to be rewarded later. Because of CTL, my family is now enjoying eating, looking, and being healthier.

Additionally, there is no value that can be put on the compliments we receive from friends and other family members when they see us. We're very proud of our accomplishments and thankful for a program such as Cheat to Lose that has made those accomplishments both achievable and maintainable.

The Clark Family
Benton, Kentucky

      I can't say that I was tremendously surprised by what had just happened. In the past, when attempting to shed unwanted body fat, I allowed myself to periodically have a day in which I didn't take my diet so seriously. Provided that I immediately got back to business with my program, the approach worked fairly well.

      At times, however, I would cut out any and all "cheating" with the intention of accelerating my progress or breaking through a fat-loss plateau. Unfortunately, that never really worked. Every time I tried to be extremely strict with my diet, it didn't "accelerate" much of anything, and often times progress seemed even slower.

      I blamed the stalled fat loss on something else, though, (not enough exercise, didn't take calories low enough, etc) instead of making a correlation between eliminating the cheating and my lack of results. Why, after experiencing this trend, had I failed to make the connection?

      I think the answer is simple: the concept that cheating could be beneficial seemed to defy logical reasoning. It just doesn't seem to make sense. Luckily, though, our bodies are a lot smarter than we are.

      At this point, I was convinced that what I had experienced was more than just coincidence, so I started browsing through various peer-reviewed journals and databases and began taking a deeper look into what happens in our bodies when we diet and what happens when we overeat.

      What I discovered through searching the medical literature proved to be very interesting. I continued to read, and learn, and experiment with both myself and my clients during the next several months.

      To say that the results people were experiencing were intriguing would be a serious understatement. People absolutely loved the effectiveness and practicality of the approach I had developed. Cheat to Lose was helping individuals achieve things they were never able to before - and that was exciting!

      Later on that year, I wrote my first article on the subject and since have written a myriad more. Literally thousands of individuals have benefited from the approach to date, and every client's experience has helped me to perfect the setup further.

      Now, more than three years later, I can say with confidence that I have been able to bridge the gap between the science and what actually happens in the real world and have pinned down the most effective way to incorporate periodic cheating into a diet plan to yield the fastest, least painful results you have ever experienced.

      This finalized approach, while used by many of my individual clients, has also been extensively researched at-large, via several 100+ participant test groups. All throughout this book, many of these clients and test subjects will share with you their personal experiences on this diet - experiences that I'm certain will both challenge and motivate you as you read them.

Joel Marion
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    You Have The Power:

      Having said that, this diet will still require a degree of effort on your part. Yes, you will eat the foods you love without feeling guilty (because you will learn that when properly implemented, doing so can actually accelerate your progress), and yes, you will find this diet much easier to adhere to than any other you have ever tried, but anytime you embark on a mission to change, you can rest assured that there will be times when your self-control, willpower, and determination are put to the test.

      During these times, you will be tempted to throw in the towel (temporarily or permanently) and revert to old habits. And whether or not you are able to persevere through such times is going to determine the amount of success you have with this diet.

      From those who read this book, three groups will emerge. There will be those who read the book, find it interesting, but take no action. For these individuals, the book serves as a means of entertainment, but unfortunately, that's about all. While their intentions may be to "someday" start the diet, that day is and always will be tomorrow.

      Others will read the book and quickly begin the diet with great excitement. After only a few short weeks (or even days), however, when the initial enthusiasm has faded and the challenges of exchanging old habits for new ones surface, they will renege on their commitment. They'll give up on the program, their goals, and on themselves.

      Then, there are those readers who will be inspired to change, and will decide that they're going to do whatever it takes to do so. These individuals will realize that this amazing diet is a diet that they can have success with. Despite being faced with challenges, they will triumph. Sure, they may slip, but if they do, they'll get up, brush themselves off, and continue in the direction of their goals.

      Which group will you belong to? Will you choose to make a commitment to yourself and stick with it? Will you choose to change your body? Will you choose to take charge of your health? Or will you allow the opportunity to change slip through your fingers?

      This book will give you a recipe for success - a proven, scientific method to achieve fast, relatively painless fat loss - but only you can bring value to the words on these pages. The question you have to ask yourself is, "How serious am I about achieving my goals?"

      Whatever your goals, there is no doubt in my mind that The Cheat to Lose Diet will prove to be the most effective, enjoyable means to obtaining them - period.

The Cheat To Lose Diet! The Cheat To Lose Diet!
Cheat BIG with the foods you love; lose fat faster than ever before and enjoy keeping the weight off!
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