What Is Vitargo? Anthony Almada Sheds Light On Recovery Supplement!

What's the big deal about post-workout recovery and this product? I wanted to learn as much as I could about this... To find my answers, I had the privilege and honor to interview Anthony Almada. Learn more.

The post-workout or "anabolic/anti-catabolic"-window is without a doubt the most critical time frame for individuals wanting to transform their physique and, perhaps, for performance improvements.

The nutrients we consume during this time can have a tremendous affect on our physique and overall health. While there are many post workout products on the market, some are better than others. One of those is discussed here.

In the 1960's, a duo of Swedish university scientists began research on carbohydrate/glycogen loading and published their work in the worlds leading science journal. From this same laboratory, which also invented and pioneered creatine loading, a new product - now patented - was first proven, but until recently, it has essentially flown under the radar.

I wanted to learn as much as I could about this product, what the big deal is, and why it is any better than Gatorade, white bread, or other post-workout products.

To find my answers, I had the privilege and honor to interview Anthony Almada, B.Sc., M.Sc., one of the leading experts in the field of supplementation and nutrition.

Going into the interview I wasn't sure what to expect or how willing he would be to speak to me about this topic. However, coming out of the interview, nearly two hours later, I was nothing but impressed.

Mr. Almada's knowledge in the field was nothing short of astounding, and as I continued the interview, I noticed how humble and sincere he was. Let's learn a little more about this product, learn from one of the best in the field, and see how you can take your physique to the next level.

Who is Anthony Almada B.Sc, M.Sc?

      Why was I surprised that Mr. Almada was so humble and sincere? Well, his CV is nothing short of impressive as he co-founded a company you might have heard of;


      (formerly called Experimental and Applied Sciences).

Anthony Almada
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Mr. Almada Runs One Of The Hottest
New Companies In North America, GENr8.

      That's right, he was essentially the mastermind behind that company and eventually sold the company to Bill Phillips. A graduate of


      , with a Masters degree in nutrition and exercise biochemistry, Mr. Almada now finds himself running one of the hottest new companies in North America,

GENr8, Inc

      . It has launched a new product in

Vitargo® S2


What is Vitargo®?

      This product is a patented molecular


      , currently derived from a special barley starch. This was where my confusion began as I asked Mr. Almada why I had heard it could come from

waxy maize

      and even potato starch. "[The product] you must remember is its own entity, and has its own molecular hand print," Almada responded.

"While it can come from waxy maize, potato starch or barley starch, or even wheat or rice starch, the extraction technique is what is necessary to create it. The starting starch is far less important.

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Vitargo® S2

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      To say that waxy maize and other forms of starch are what make it is simply not true unless it is extracted into the specific, patented handprint that makes it. And since it is patented, knocking off [this product] carries the risk of a law suit," Almada adds.

While it can be made from most plant starches (potato starch, barley starch, or waxy maize from corn), what makes it patented and the fastest way to replenishing glycogen is not the source, but the unique, patented molecular "handprint."

"So it doesn't matter where it comes from, just that it is extracted properly and in our case here at [my company], we are using barley now and have the exclusive rights to [it] in several countries," Almada says.

Is There Proof That It Works?

        "Absolutely," Almada responds.

"The first couple studies on [it] used potato starch and then eventually waxy maize, a type of starch that comes from a special strain of corn. This is where many companies got the idea to use waxy maize starches, but that is as far as they have gone. The magic of [this product] - the reason so many pro athletes/bodybuilders use it - is because it is PROVEN to work and DOES work," Almada says.

"That is something few other companies can say, proof in human subjects that it is better than conventional post-workout drinks containing maltodextrin and sugars as the primary carbohydrate source. Again, this has been proven in university studies in athletes, not animals." Almada says.

Consumer Confusion?

      So, I asked Mr. Almada if many companies could in fact mislead the consumer by selling waxy maize as [his patented product], or making similar claims, when in fact it might have no more effect than white bread.

"Many companies have laid claims that their product has similar effects - faster out of the stomach, faster and greater glycogen repletion, higher insulin spikes, faster recovery - and just because a product simply says waxy maize does not necessarily mean it has the same effect as [my product] - or that it even works." Almada added.

"[My company's newest version] does in fact have a patent on [it] - from a variety of sources, and PROOF that it works[...], while waxy maize has... a cheap price. That is key as if one were to consume waxy maize instead of [my product], the results would be grossly different, although the consumer would have no clue."

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      "[Those] marketing

waxy maize

      are making [similar] claims, with ZERO proof, and stating that they are getting great testimonials. People using the Chuck Norris Total Gym are also getting great testimonials," Almada added.

Why is this product so different than other sources of carbohydrates?

Ok, so we now know that waxy maize and Vitargo are very different. Sure, the product can be synthesized via a specific process from waxy maize, but the same can be said of barley, potato, and a number of other edible starches.

GENr8 essentially has an exclusive to the Vitargo patents and guarantees it contains the molecular "handprint" proven in three university studies to work. So once we know for a fact that [this product] is present in our drink we must ask ourselves," Why is it different and more beneficial than Gatorade or white bread?" The key lies in its osmolality, molecular weight, and "branching".

Osmolality, molecular weight, and "branching" are key!


Supplement Talk With Anthony L. Almada! !

Anthony Almada talks with Bodybuilding.com visitors about supplements.

      Osmolality simply refers to how much water is drawn around a specific object. Therefore, if Vitargo has a low osmolality, then very little


      will be drawn into your stomach and you will have no residual bloating after consuming it. No bloating in the stomach simply means it moves through very quickly, exactly what we want it to do.

"If you feel bloated or have a full stomach you have failed to maximize the post-workout window. Recovery doesn't happen in your stomach - it happens in the muscle." Almada says.

"That is why [this product] is so beneficial, it gets through your stomach and into the blood stream twice as fast as conventional carbohydrates. The faster it gets through the stomach and into the blood, the quicker the muscle and liver glycogen can be replaced. If you are bloated or have a full stomach, the nutrients are in the stomach, not the bloodstream, and they can't help you if they aren't in the blood."

      Ok, the low osmolality - which relates to the molecular size of the Vitargo molecule, aids in no bloating, but that can't be the only reason it gets into the blood faster than other carbohydrates?

It's not, as the other reason lies in its high degree of branching. Low osmolality starches may be able to move through the stomach and into the small intestine - where they are digested and absorbed - but what good is a starch that is quick to leave the stomach but slow to be digested and absorbed?

This new product is proven in university studies to enter the region of the small intestine - the 'hot spot' for digestion and absorption - over twice as fast as an equal amount of carbohydrates from maltodextrin and sugars.

Post-Workout Carbs: Best Choices To Grow & Recover! There are really only two times of the day to take in simple carbohydrates: first thing in the morning and after your workout. Let's look at our options and the Glycemic Index of these options.
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      But the critical step is digesting the product - into glucose and maltose (two glucose molecules connected) - and then absorbing it.

The "branching" of the massive Vitargo molecule, like a red-wood tree, allows it to be digested and enter the blood at 2x faster rate. This is no test tube study - it is results in exercising humans. Since it passes through the stomach and into the small intestine, and enters the blood two times faster than conventional carbohydrates, it is that much more effective.

The Insulin Advantage:

      Ok - so now we have a way of delivering glucose into the blood with record speed (without the common side effect of bloating).

In the recent university study mentioned above, the rate of rise of insulin, and the insulin "spike" was 1.8 times higher and faster in just TEN minutes after taking 100 grams of Vitargo, compared to an equal carbohydrate load from maltodextrin plus sugars following exhaustive exercise.

What does insulin do? We all know it "opens" muscle cells to take in glucose, amino acids, and other muscle nutrients but what most do not know is that insulin is the body's major anti-catabolic hormone, which shuts off the increase in muscle proteolysis (protein breakdown) that follows intense resistance training.

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      The Mt. Everest insulin spike from this product explains why it can replenish muscle glycogen 1.7 times faster than these same


      : insulin activates the path of taking glucose into muscle and storing it as glycogen.

Whether you lift weights, run track or are a long distance biker, the faster you absorb nutrients and replenish glycogen post workout, the faster you'll recover. If you can shut down muscle catabolism faster, you may also see and feel greater gains in physique and performance.

Why Vitargo S2?

      This product stands for Super Soluble, which makes it much easier to mix with


      . In general starches don't mix well with water and if you notice from other Vitargo sources it can coat your blender and cup quite nicely. According to Mr. Almada, this one mixes better than other starches and even previous forms of the original from waxy maize starch.

So there you have it, the low down on Vitargo. Make sure that what you have contains the "molecular handprint" that research studies have shown truly benefits humans post workout.

While it is true that you can initiate an insulin spike and glycogen replenishment with everything from Gatorade to white bread, none are as effective. In fact, a recent university study in humans, which compared waxy maize starch to maltodextrin plus sucrose, and to white bread (all equal carbohydrate calories), found white bread and waxy maize starch were EQUAL, with maltodextrin + sugar being TWICE as fast.


By: mongo808
I use GENr8 Vitargo S2 simply because its the best carb product I have ever used. Prior to this I was using waxy maise, but it didnt feel it worked as well as Vitargo.
Ten Out Of Ten.
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      More importantly,

waxy maize

      starch produced an insulin spike that was THREE times smaller and slower than maltodextrin + sugar, and twice as small and slow as white bread (this study confirms the slow digesting properties of waxy maize starch).

Since our goal is to replenish glycogen levels in our liver and muscle as quickly as possible post workout, as well as have an ample supply of it during our workout, increase the speed of fuel delivery to the blood, and to increase insulin release, these findings are key.

If your glycogen levels are lacking during a workout, it will be difficult to obtain a pump and work out intensely. Don't forget that the brain's favorite food is glucose, and this can come from the food you eat or the breakdown of stored glycogen in the liver.

Vitargo® S2 GENr8 Presents:
Vitargo® S2

Fast Absorbing For Muscle Recovery And Refueling! Vitargo® S2 is the super-soluble form of Vitargo®, a patented, molecular carbohydrate with ZERO SUGAR.
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      Without adequate glucose to "feed" the brain, lethargy, fatigue and lack of training intensity follow. Try consuming this great product before, during and after your training - its "bloat-proof" response means fuel is being delivered like a race car fuel pump, not a gas station trickle. All are important times to ensure an adequate energy source is present in your blood stream.

Anthony Almada and his new company are on the cutting edge of new products and studies to help all of us reach our goals. Mr. Almada strongly believes that until proven in human studies, it should not be pushed on the public or on supplements.

The most exciting news is fresh out of the lab. A new study has recently shown that adding this product and carnitine together can, for the first time, dramatically enhance carnitine stores in muscles. In so doing, more carbohydrates can be stored to enhance growth and recovery, while at the same time ensuring that fat is still being burned!

"This study is a major break through in showing how we can supplement post workout to maximize our gains." Almada says. The readers of Bodybuilding.com will be looking forward to the results and more from this exciting new company.


  • GENr8 has the exclusive license to sell Vitargo in several countries, including the USA.
  • Vitargo can be synthesized from waxy maize, barley starch, or potatoes. The key is to have the specific, patented molecular hand print that is unique to it. While this can be done with any of the above sources. Waxy maize starch is NOT it - generic waxy maize starch is a SLOW DIGESTING starch. It is not this product unless properly extracted and therefore may be no more effective, or even inferior to, white bread.
  • It passes through the stomach and intestines and into the bloodstream 2x faster than maltodextrin and sugar.
  • It can replenish glycogen in muscles and liver following a workout 1.7x faster than maltodextrin and sugars.
  • It will significantly enhance insulin release 1.8x higher and faster than maltodextrin and sugars following consumption, which will aid in glycogen replenishment.
  • It passes through the stomach very quickly because of it low osmolality and high molecular weight. Therefore no bloating will occur. It enters the blood twice as fast because it is rapidly digested, due to the extensive branching of the Vitargo molecule.
  • A new study has recently shown that combining this product and carnitine can greatly increase muscle carnitine and glycogen stores, while still burning body fat.

- Special thanks To Anthony Almada for his time and expertise.