What Does The P Stand For In NPC? A Rebuttal To An Anti-NPC Article.

This is in response to the ridiculous article that was submitted by Maris Lee called Why The NPC Needs To Change!

This is in response to the ridiculous article that was submitted by Maris Lee.

In the article, Maris Lee (who?) takes cheap shots at the NPC, most of it in Q and A format. Instead of having the testicular fortitude to REALLY voice his opinion, he chooses to sidestep and put it to YOU, the viewing fans for YOUR input.

A Closer Look

Let's take a closer look at Maris' article:

First we have the "impressive" contest history of Mr. Lee...

We have a whole host of shows from other organizations, one being (most likely) the AAU, (the Amateur Athletic Union) a defunct governing group that went extinct when the NPC was born, finally making the amateur bodybuilding business legitimate. Run by a rag-tag bunch of closet homosexuals, schmo's and weirdo's… it didn't take long for the AAU (dis)organization to crumble (Thank God!).

The other titles, I'm sure, came from some of those "natural" (*cough* - *bullshit") organizations we see from time to time (BTW, placing 2nd when there are only 2 guys in your class makes you LAST, not "runner-up").

That being said, you'll see he has a decent contest history of placing and victories... UNTIL, he gets to the NPC. Then all we see is a bunch of "competitor" listings after the name of the show instead of "winner". Of course, Mr. Lee automatically assumes that because he's done so well in his past shows, that he's a champ and these NPC shows should illicit the same results.

He cries "politics" when he's in the "sympathy" call out for the guys that were standing on stage forever, oil drying, pump gone, "where did I go wrong?" expression on their face… "sorry kid, pizza and beer, see you next year…!"

Could it be that 'ol Maris just wasn't good enough? Could it be possible that the "peoples champ" simply didn't stack up to the obviously superior competitors the NPC had to offer? Nah! Must be politics, has to be a conspiracy in the mix to keep Maris down, keep him out of the top 5 so the possibly of Maris knocking off Mr. Olympia (which was inevitable) would NEVER come to be! Sorry, bro. No conspiracy, no third judge on the grassy knoll, just you and your 100 meter breaststroke physique to blame. (No offense to Michael Phelps).

Compare the physiques of Micheal Phelps and Maris Lee...

Does the phrase "sour grapes" come to mind when reading this article? How about "chip on the shoulder?" I've got news for you Maris... I've been around longer than both of you. I've seen many competitors come and go in my time. I've been to literally hundreds of NPC shows. Rarely have I seen guys getting "screwed".

More often, it's a competitor believing they should have placed higher than they did (imagine that?) when in actuality, they placed right where they should have. Sure I've disagreed with my fair share of judge's decisions in the past, doesn't mean I thought someone got "screwed over" just a personal preference of physique. Bodybuilding is a SUBJECTIVE sport. READ: subjective - (as in) subject to interpretation, and or opinion.

You simply weren't good enough, be man enough to admit it and quit pointing your finger to everything and everyone within sight, the true culprit behind your failure reveals himself every morning in that thing you call a mirror. The fact is that you are a disgruntled, pathetic, loser. A wanna-be that never was. Bottom line is, when up against REAL competition, you stunk the place up.

Before you cry that I'm a "company man"... anyone who knows my story, knows that I toiled in the NPC longer than anybody in NPC history... 13 years. Thirteen years I remained at the national level until I finally got the formula right and won the 2000 NPC USA earning pro status in the IFBB. I never cried "politics", never bitched, never pointed the finger at anyone but myself. I persevered by improving, by not giving up and by showing dedication and determination for a goal I had. I will stack up my work ethic against ANYBODY to have ever graced a competitive stage.

At the 2000 NPC USA.

Now, just to show what a buck-toothed Jackass you've made of yourself…I'll actually answer all your questions as you have requested my opinion:

Question & Answers

[ Question # 1 ]

NPC initials stand for:

  1. National political Committee
  2. Narcs, Punks, Commies
  3. National Physique Committee
  4. Never mind all this Please Consider before joining
  5. All of the above


    (c) National Physique Committee, one of the best run amateur organizations in the world, you know, the one you weren't good enough to compete in!

[ Question # 2 ]

Should an NPC judge be a judge if he is a business associate or customer of the person he is judging? YES / NO.


    Yes, if he has shown to be an objective judge, I see no problem with it. Chances are, in this small world of BB we live in, somebody knows a judge or two. (Especially at the local level) If it's a problem to the competitor, they can request the judge be removed from the panel.

[ Question # 3 ]

Should an NPC judge look ahead at all times and not discuss matters with those around them? YES / NO


    YES, and most often they do. I'm sure when YOU seen them talking, they were discussing how to screw you into 10th place.

[ Question # 4 ]

Should an NPC judge focus more on muscularity and conditioning or potential and genetics? YES / NO


    They should focus on what's standing in front of them. It's not their fault that the guys standing next to you had better genetics, which is most likely why you lost to them. Potential is neither here nor there.

[ Question # 5 ]

Should an NPC judge take points away for obvious signs of steroid abuse. YES / NO


      ABSOLUTELY NOT! It's not the judge's job to determine if an athlete is taking anabolics, especially in an open show. If you wish to enter a designated "natural" show, then so be it.

Each athlete is given the same test (i.e.- urine, lie detector, or blood). If they pass, they pass. If you elect to enter an open show, be forewarned, there may be a slight chance someone's taking a little something

[ Question # 6 ]

Should there be a period of at least one hour after the contest, which would allow competitors to directly question judges on controversial, or close calls? YES / NO


      YES, there is such a time; it's called "The end of the show"... feel free to ask any one of them just why you got your ass handed to you.

Chances are, you'll get an answer like "You lost because the other guy was better…" or "You didn't have enough muscle/weren't cut enough/dry enough/your genetics suck."

[ Question # 7 ]

Should there be a dividing device between judges prohibiting eye contact with the other score sheets? YES / NO


    Sure, why don't you make them and you can ship them out to the hundreds and hundreds of NPC shows around the country. Better yet, why not just build some "sound-proof" chambers for each judge, you know… like the one's they use on those neat game shows!

[ Question # 8 ]

Should the NPC dues, entry fees, and contest tickets continue to climb higher and higher at our expense? YES / NO


    Yes, as a member of ANY organization, there are dues to be paid. I don't know where YOU live, but here on Earth, prices of everything have gone up over the years. FYI - The NPC doesn't dictate ticket prices, promoters do.

[ Question # 9 ]

Should NPC competitors seek out other organizations to compete with? YES / NO


    By all means - go compete anywhere you wish. (Although you would probably get screwed there too... COULDN'T be YOU!) Go try a few other organizations, when you see REAL corruption, a smattering of 30 people in the audience, sub-par facilities, and rules that change on the spot... you'll be BEGGING to compete in the NPC.

[ Question # 10 ]

Should we all get a life and leave well enough along and do positive and meaningful things so as not to get engulfed in a negative quagmire like the NPC. YES / NO


      Yes, getting a life would be a good start for you. No one is forcing anyone to join the NPC. I personally think you made the right decision in "resigning" from the NPC.

Funny, it only seems to be a "negative quagmire" for a disgruntled, bitter fool such as yourself. Amazing how it's always the guys placing LAST that are complaining and crying foul. Coincidence?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

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Apparently, Maris forgot the ONE thing you need to win a physique contest in the NPC... A PHYSIQUE.