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Building That Model Body! Impress The Ladies With That Carved Physique!

As you know hardcore competitive bodybuilders are few and far between. There are thousands of guys just trying to look good for the girls at the beach or the husband trying to get back in shape for his wife. If this is you then read on!

Article Summary:
  • This article is intended for the bodybuilder looking to improve their physique.
  • There are certain muscle groups that, if developed, attract the opposite sex.
  • Abs are a must when it comes to improving your physique.


Building That Model Body


Bodybuilding is "The act or practice of exercising, lifting weights, etc., so as to develop the muscles of the body." Your workout routine, diet and supplement regime should reflect what your goals are. If you would like to be a "Hardcore Competitive Bodybuilder" you will have a more strict diet and supplement regime and also dedicate more time and energy to your workout routine.

As you know "hardcore competitive bodybuilders" are few and far between. There are thousands of guys just trying to look good for the girls at the beach or the husband trying to get back in shape for his wife. Most people can't dedicate 1-2 hours at the gym 5-6 times a week and would never eat 6-7 meals a day even if you cooked them. The majority of people are just not interested in living that lifestyle.

Your Workout Routine, Diet And Supplement Regime Should Reflect What Your Goals Are
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Your Workout Routine, Diet And Supplement
Regime Should Reflect What Your Goals Are.

I am going to dedicate this article to the bodybuilder looking to improve his physique for the opposite sex. If you ask any woman, 9 times out of 10 she will be more attached to a fitness model than a "hardcore competitive bodybuilder" So if you are looking to impress the ladies read on and I will help you carve that physique into a chick magnet.


There are certain muscle groups that, if developed, attract the opposite sex. These muscle groups will need to be prioritized. I am going to list all the muscle groups and a small description about how or if we will be focusing our training around that area:


Definitely will have to work on these. Especially the Medial Head AKA Middle Deltiods to help with the upper body V-Taper


Will be included but you don't want to over develop as huge traps don't fit well into most nice clothes


Definitely will work on the chest to its fullest. Large full chest is a plus for the opposite sex.

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Definitely work on the width of the back to increase the upper body V-taper and some thickness work as well but not too much


Again another must. Ladies do like to hold on to some big guns.


Should be worked as well. Shows strength even with a shirt on.


A must! Nothing more needs to be said.

Quads And Hams:

Large development is bad. Large legs can't fit into most nice pants or jeans. As long as you continue with your squats to get a nice butt the rest of your leg will stay strong. Plus you will be doing plenty of sprints to keep them from looking like sticks.


Want to keep some work in the routine as they are seen with shorts on.

Some hardcore bodybuilders might have lost their minds when I said legs were not important but you need to remember this article is not for you. This article is geared to the average Joe looking to get a killer body for the opposite sex. Now let's get a training routine for you:

  • Monday: Chest/Arms/Forearms/ Post-workout perform 15-30 Min of *Steady State Cardio
  • Tuesday: **HIIT and Abs
  • Wednesday: Back/Shoulders/15-30 Min of *Steady State Cardio
  • Thursday:**HIIT and Abs
  • Friday: Legs/Arms/Post-workout Perform 15-30 Min of *Steady State Cardio
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Rest

*Steady State Cardio:

You are to perform 15-30 minutes of steady state cardio Post-workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This can be performed on any machine of your choice. This cardio should be done in a low intensity manner.

**High Intensity Interval Training:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of cardio that can be done on the elliptical, treadmill, stairmaster, bike and outdoors. I want to start you off with 20 seconds of high intensity (such as sprinting at your fastest pace), and rest for 40 seconds (slow walk). Repeat until you do this 10 times. Start with a 5-10 minute warm up and a 5-10 minute cool down. Do not perform this on an empty stomach.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Is A Form Of Cardio That Can Be Done On The Elliptical, Treadmill, Stairmaster, Bike And Outdoors
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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Is A Form Of Cardio That Can Be Done On The Elliptical, Treadmill, Stairmaster, Bike And Outdoors.

Your Weekly Routine

Day 1: Chest/Arms/Forearms

Day 2: HIIT/Abs

Note: Each Week try to increase rep range

Day 3: Back/Shoulders

Day 4: HIIT/Abs

Day 5: Legs/Arms

Days 6 And 7: Rest


Now, you have all your workouts set up for you to help build the perfect body, it's time to talk about nutrition which goes hand and hand with working out.

Nutirition Goes Hand In Hand with Working Out
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Nutirition Goes Hand In Hand With Working Out.

Ladies are looking for a guy who is both muscular and lean, so our diet is going to reflect this. I am going to set up a diet below for a 180 lbs male at a slight calorie deficit. This will help anyone that is overweight lose body-fat and maintain all their muscle mass. If you are on the leaner/skinnier side increase portions slightly so you are taking in enough calories to build more muscle. I will be keeping protein high, carbohydrates relatively low but will include them around weight workouts and breakfast. I will also include enough health fats to keep hunger at bay.

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4: Post Workout

Note: If you are not working out substitute the Bananas with 1/2 oz of Almonds

Meal 5:

You will have 3 whole food meals and 2 shakes a day. This way you are getting enough calories spread throughout the day but you don't need to slave over the kitchen and make 5-6 meals a day. The shakes are convenient and will make the dieting process a lot easier.


I use Big Blend Protein from Betancourt Nutrition

Below I will list 5 supplements I would include for best results during this program:

Multivitamin/Multi Mineral:

Helps to make sure you are not deficient in any of your vitamins and minerals which can happen when you exercise regularly. I use the Magnum Multivitamins from Betancourt Nutrition.

Magnum Multivitamins Betancourt Nutrition Presents:
Magnum Multivitamins

You cannot build massive muscles without optimal health. Our Magnum Multi Vitamin and Mineral tablets with added performance optimizers are a fundamentally important way to ensure your diet and...
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Here are some of the things creatine can help men with. I think it speaks for itself:

  • Can help improve performance in High Intensity workouts
  • Aids in recovery of Muscle from workouts
  • Can help anaerobic Capacity
  • Can help reduce Age Related Muscle Loss

I use 5 grams Higher Power Creatine mixed with my Bullnox on workout days and have 1 serving of Creatine Chewies from Betancourt Nutrition on my off days.


I want you to look for a pre-workout that helps with energy, endurance and muscle pumps this way you can get the most effective workout possible. The one I am currently using is Bullnox from Betancourt Nutrition.

Fat Burner:

I want you to look for a fat burner that gives you energy and some thermogenic (increase internal body temperature) effect. That way you have the energy to push it in the gym and while you are not active the Thermogenic effect of the fat burner is burning calories and working for you. The fat burner I use when cutting up is Ripped Juice Extreme from Betancourt Nutrition.

Ripped Juice Extreme Betancourt Nutrition Presents:
Ripped Juice Extreme

The most advanced thermogenic formula, has been uniquely designed to out perform any other fat burning product on the market. With the most effective blend of 16 different ingredients, Ripped Juice...
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Fish Oil:

It seems like weekly studies come out praising the benefits fish oil. Fish oil is a healthy addition to your supplement stack. I would take 1 gram 3 times a day.


To look good will take some hard work and a little sacrifice, but you can do it. I set you up some simple yet effective guidelines to help you reach your goals of a healthier, fit, chick magnet so now use the info that I gave you and reap the benefits.

As always if you have any questions regarding anything discussed above drop me an email, I am glad to help out. Email:

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