Kathleen Tesori's Muscle Building Program

Check out Kathleen's personal muscle building plan, and get the body you've always wanted but never knew how to get!

When training to build muscle, Kathleen Tesori doesn't worry about becoming too bulky like a lot of women do, because she knows that lean muscle mass is the key to being fit and looking toned.

Check out Kathleen's personal muscle building plan, and get the body you've always wanted but never knew how to get!

Kathleen Tesori's Fitness Program

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Muscle Building Regimen

Meal 1

Total Calories For Meal 1: 144

Meal 2

Total Calories For Meal 2: 295

Meal 3

Total Calories For Meal 3: 516

Meal 4

Total Calories For Meal 4: 295

During Workout

Total Calories For During Workout: 50


Total Calories For Post-Workout: 32

Meal 5

Total Calories For Meal 5: 315

Meal 6

Total Calories For Meal 6: 212


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Day 1: Quads/Legs

Day 2: Back/Shoulders





Day 3: Biceps/Triceps





Day 4: Hamstrings/Glutes


Resume regular sets.



Day 5: Rest

Day 6: Shoulders





Day 7: Rest

Kathleen Tesori's Personal Philosophy


Nutrition is the most important piece to the seeing and feeling results. When people contact me about how I achieved my physique, the first thing I ask is to see a few days of their diet. A good rule of thumb is that 80% of your success will come from your diet (anything you put in your mouth) and only 20% will come from the work you do in the gym.

I am sure you have heard this before, but here are few simple rules I follow:

    • Eat every 2.5 to 4 hours
    • Each meal should combine a protein, carbohydrate and a healthy fat.
    • It's best to not eat a carbohydrate alone - make sure to combine it with a protein.
    • Ensure you are drinking plenty of water (3 liters a day is a good gauge).

Keep your meals fun—pick your favorite foods and try to find a healthy recipe. Whether it's chips, waffles, cakes or puddings, there are plenty of members on BodySpace with great recipes to share.


I like to change up my style of training and goals every few months, where I cycle though building, leaning/toning or just maintaining routines. It's important to keep your body guessing, and to keep yourself entertained which can be accomplished by switching up your goals and routines.

Ladies, don't be afraid to lift hard and heavy for a few months here and there. We don't have the testosterone or eat the amount of calories to get really big. Plus, in order to tone and lean you need to have something to tone or lean against. Also, muscle helps boost the metabolism and burn more calories.

It's important to set time aside each day for some physical activity. We all get busy, but if you let a day go by here and there, before you know a few weeks will go by. If I only have 15 minutes to hit the gym, I will still go and workout hard for those 15 minutes. Even for that little amount of time, I still leave the gym feeling accomplished, and feel great about staying on my schedule.

Creating a schedule for what body part you're going to work or what activity you want to accomplish is a great way to keep on track. However, it's important to listen to your body. Sometimes it will guide you toward what you should do each day. If it's a heavy leg day and you have no energy, don't be afraid to switch it up and make it a shoulder or cardio day.

Keep it fun, switch things up and do not let life get in your way!


Supplementation is important, however it's also important to know what supplement means: something added to complete a thing or make up for a deficiency. You need to find a great balance with your nutrition, training and supplementation. If you rely solely on supplements you will more than likely not get the results you were hoping to achieve.

I really like the Max Muscle focus - "the core four." Regardless of activity level, everyone should incorporate the following supplements into their supplement plan:

    1. Fish oil
    2. Multivitamin
    3. Glutamine (for recovery)
    4. Protein shakes

Once you establish a healthy routine with the supplementation staples, it's beneficial to add in other supplements coordinating with your training goals/cycle. I've personally noticed results using pre and post workout shakes and fat burners to take my results to another level.

My fitness motto has always been 'slow and steady wins the race.' If you take your time and do things right, you'll see long-term results. One of my favorite features on BodySpace is being able to see what supplements each member is using or what supplements they have reviewed. It has been helpful to me in the past to pick an active BodySpace member with a physique I desire to achieve and message them about their favorite supplements.

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