Wallpaper Of The Week


Every week we will be posting two new wallpapers which you will be able to download for free.

Check back each week for 2 new wallpapers!

Here's how the WPOW feature works...

What Is It?

Every week we will be posting 2 new wallpapers which you will be able to download for free. From the latest contest winners to the biggest names in the industry, we will be bringing you it all!

How Often Will New Wallpapers Be Posted?

We will be posting a new wallpaper for free to all Bodybuilding.com visitors once per week, every Tuesday.

What Sizes Are Available?

Because of all the hundreds of possible sizes of standard and non-standard computer/PDA/cellphone resolutions, we have picked the top 11 sizes (as determined by us), and made them readily available. The sizes, in pixels, are:

    For Your Computer:

    • 1600x1200
    • 1280x1024
    • 1152x864
    • 1024x768
    • 800x600

    For Your PDA/Cellphone:

    • 480x640
    • 320x240
    • 240x320
    • 160x160
    • 160x120
    • 128x128

If we are missing your size, send us some feedback, at wallpapers@bodybuilding.com.

Can I Submit My Own?

Yes, naturally! We'll pick user-submitted wallpapers occasionally and feature them! Post your non-copyright-violating* wallpapers in the forum (here) for consideration. If we really like your's, you'll earn yourself a fabulous piece of Bodybuilding.com clothing, as well as fame, glory, and definite bragging rights.

*You may use any photos/images that:

  1. You, yourself, own the rights to (you took the photo yourself).

  2. Were produced by Bodybuilding.com (you snagged the photo from our contest galleries or main photo gallery and there is no other copyright attribution saying that the image belongs to anyone else).

  3. Don't contain offensive or inappropriate content (we don't want to see your head photoshopped onto some hot chick's naked body).

  4. Aren't crappy (images must be very high quality to be considered).

  5. That are sized at the standard resolution of 1600x1200. No other sizes will be accepted.

Note: Post a smaller preview version on the forum. If you win, we'll ask you for the larger version (1600x1200) to be sent to us. If you post copyrighted wallpapers, however, you will be shunned from the land of Bodybuilding.com by the Wicked Wizard of Will-owlane.   =)

Can I Subscribe To Get Automatic Updates?

Yes, thanks for asking! Use our handy-dandy RSS feed and automatically receive thumbnails and links to the latest wallpapers:

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