Double Session Burst Training!

Double session burst training is an extreme, 6 week-blitz, geared to diametrically increase muscle mass while shedding body fat. Like most great things, this type of training will require dedication. Read below if you are not frail of heart.

Selfishly Devoted To You...

Double session burst training is an extreme, 6 week-blitz scheme, geared to diametrically increase muscle mass while concurrently shedding body fat. Like most great things, this type of training will require selfish time and dedication to attain maximum results. Training twice per day is not for the frail of heart. Hey, if you want to build a body few people have, you will have to do the things that few people will do...

I have successfully used this program with several clients to achieve supra-physiological results. Gains of 10 lbs of lean mass and a decrease of 6-8 lb. of fat mass is common, depending on strict adhesion to the nutritional and chemical recommendations.

Double Split Methodology

    To get the most out of double split training, it is important to use exercise physiology to;

    • Tap into as many muscle fibers as possible.

    • Thicken both the contractile and non-contractile muscle cell units

    • Challenge the metabolic systems to force a "double burst" of anabolic hormones

    The easiest way to do this is to include multiple rep ranges at many angles to ensure you are challenging as many fast, intermediate and slow-twitch muscle fibers as possible. Another way is to include ample amount of volume and intensity for each muscle group.

    Use Caution

      However, precautions must be taken. After approximately 45-60 minutes of weight training, testosterone levels begin to drop, and cortisol (catabolic hormone) levels increase. This is not good. Therefore escalating the amount of volume and intensity can lead to disaster.

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      Secondly, mixing too many high rep sets with low reps sets will greatly interfere with your strength within the same session. This is where double session training comes in. By simply dividing the training into two, brief, sessions per day, and using different rep ranges in each, you can avoid these pitfalls.

Double Split Guidelines

  • The same body parts are worked in 2 daily training sessions. Reason: to stimulate as many motor units within that particular muscle group.

  • Workouts should be spread 4-7 hours apart. Reason: To take advantage of the natural hormonal /nervous system widow that exists. Research has shown that testosterone levels will restore enough in that time period in order to train a second time. Plus, the nervous system stimulatory effect from the first workout will carry over to the second session.

    Exercise scientists call this occurrence "tetanus facilitation". In simple terms, every muscle contraction leaves a residual electrical impulse. This way the body uses the morning workout to "jack up" the evening session. This means the trainee is able to train harder, later in the day. After 8 hours, this excitation dissipates.

  • Morning workouts include lower reps ranges, evening workouts include higher reps. The reason is to maximize the stimulatory effects of the nervous system.

  • Volume must be kept moderate to avoid over training. (20 sets per session max.) Reason: Anabolic levels will decrease and catabolic levels will increase to a point beyond a favorable rebound.

  • Post workout nutrition must be followed carefully. This is the best way to reduce cortisol and restore hormone levels.

Prime The Pump

    As the name implies, training twice per day allows the trainee up to two anabolic hormonal "bursts" per day. Ya gotta be careful though, that can also mean up to two catabolic bursts, if strict nutritional guidelines are not timed exactly.

    AM Workout

      Post workout shake, with 16 oz. cold water add:

      • 1/2 bodyweight lb. = grams of protein (a whey isolate only)

      • For Individuals with 10% body fat or lower: 1/2 bodyweight = grams of simple carbohydrates (1/4 if on pre-contest bodybuilding program). The first choice is maltodextrin, dextrose is second choice.

      • If you are over 10% bodyfat or extremely sensitive to carbohydrates (you gain fat easily or feel lethargic when on medium to high carb diet), use an extra 25g of glutamine in addition to the amount listed below, and omit the sugars.

      • 25g of glutamine

      • 2g vitamin C

      • 3 g l-Arginine

      • 2 g Cr2

      • 10 g BCAA's

    PM workout

      Same as AM shake BUT if on pre-contest bodybuilding; have solid white meat protein source, 3 cups fibrous green vegetables, 10 g BCAA's, 3 g l-Arginine, 2g vitamin C, and 25g glutamine.

      If your goal is to gain weight & muscle mass then in addition to the post session recovery shake(s);

      • Consume 500 extra calories per day, calories should be in the form of smart fats (EFA's) and red meat

      • Consume 2 times bodyweight lb. in grams of protein per day (ex; 200 lb. = 400g) Included in this total post session shakes and glutamine.

      • Consume at least 14 grams fish oil and 42 grams flax oil daily

      If your goal is to shed fat & gain muscle then in addition to the post session recovery shake(s);

      • 2 tabs XXX RushTM

      • ChizeledTM topical fat loss gel applied liberally on fatty areas after showering

Burst Training Routine

    The following is a 6 week, 5 day per week program. Two sessions per day are trained on weeks 1,2,4,&5. One session per day is trained weeks 3 & 6.

    Day 1 - Chest / Back - AM

      A1 Low incline Barbell Press (incline is set at first angle)

      Reps/set: *7,5,3,7,5,3
      Rest: 120 sec.

      A2 Sternum chin-ups (use extra load attached to hips or dumbbell between feet if possible) Fig 1 - Grasp chin-up bar with an overhand, shoulder width grip.

      (Fig 1)
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      Start hanging in full elbow extension. Next, flex the elbows and elevate the torso until the sternum makes contact with the bar. Lower the body in reverse order. Tip-the torso is angled backward and the lower back arched. Do NOT substitute the pulldown. However, the assisted chin-up machine may be used if unable to do a chin-up.

      Reps/set: *7,5,3,7,5,3
      Rest: 120 sec.

      B1 Flat bench, parallel grip, dumbbell Press - Extend the elbows from the chest with the palms facing one another.
      Reps x set: 6 x 6
      Rest: 90 sec.

      B2 Bent over low barbell row to abdomen - Torso angle is 45°.
      Reps x set: 6 x 6
      Rest: 90 sec.

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 1 - Chest/Back AM.

    Day 1 - Chest / Back - PM

      A1 Incline dumbbell fly Fig 2 - Incline is set at 75 degrees. Grip is pronated. Elbows are pulled down and back toward ears.
      Reps x sets: 4x 12-15
      Rest: 30 sec.

      (Fig 2)
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      A2 Lat pulldown, close grip, V-bar- Elbows are pulled down and into sides. Shoulders are depressed toward hips.
      Reps x sets: 4x 12-15
      Rest: 30 sec

      B1 Cable crossover (Fig 3)
      Reps x sets: 4x 12-15
      Rest: 30 sec

      (Fig 3)
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      B2 Seated row to upper abdomen (Fig 4)- Use a straight bar & shoulder width grip
      Reps x sets: 4x 12-15
      Rest: 30 sec.

      (Fig 4)
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      C Low cable pull-in crunch (Fig 5) -Positioned the VecroTM belt attachment around the knees. Place a dumbbell across the chest for extra resistance. Simultaneously, flex your hips, knees and torso toward the bodies mid point. Extend the knees, hips and torso to lower the load.

      (Fig 6
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      Reps x sets: 4x 12-15
      Rest: 60 sec

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 1 - Chest/Back PM.

    Day 2 - Legs - AM

      A1 Hack squat - Feet are positioned close and under body.
      Reps/set: *8,6,4,8,6,4
      Rest: 120 sec.

      A2 Dumbbell semi-stiff legged dead lift (Fig 6)- Feet 6" apart, toed out slightly.
      Reps/set: *8,6,4,8,6,4
      Rest: 120 sec.

      (Fig 6
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      B Barbell split squat (Fig 7) - Similar to a lunge, without the thrust backwards. Using a squat or power rack, grasp a barbell and place it on the base of your upper trapezius. Split your stance so that one leg is behind the other approximately 4-5 feet. Next, flex both knees and lower the torso so that the forward hamstrings cover the calf in the lowered position.

      (Fig 7
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      The front knee should move forward over the toe. Keep the front foot flat. Using a contraction of the front quads and glutes elevate the torso until the front leg is softly extended. Keep the sternum slightly elevated and the elbows directly under the bar at all times

      Reps x set: 6 x 6
      Rest: 120 sec.

      C Lower back hyper extensions - Use extra load behind neck. Use glute / ham raise machine if available
      Reps x sets: 6 x 6
      Rest: 120 sec

      Click Here For A Printable Log Of Day 2 - Legs AM.

    Day 2 - Legs - PM

    Day 3 - AM/PM

      Rest, eat, sleep, hydrate with 4 oz glycerol

    Day 4 - Arms / Shoulders - AM

    Day 4 - Arms / Shoulders - PM

    Day 5 - AM/PM

      Rest, eat, sleep, hydrate with 4 oz glycerol

    Day 6 - Repeat - Chest / Back

Too Much Of A Good Thing...

A final note about recovery - Although exceptional progress will be made with this program, optimum results can only occur if there is a balance between training and recovery. The Soviets called this concept, "planned unloading".

To take advantage of this, every third week, perform only one session per day (the AM session). Then, week 4 & 5, double split training may be utilized again. Week 6 is again an unloading week, training 1 session per week.