Cellucor Legendary Legs: Leg Workouts, Training Tips, And More

Let your quads loose! Build a bigger, stronger lower body with this collection of leg day training content.

Drop the dumbbells. Put your upper-body on the backburner, just for a bit. Look at your wobbly legs. They could be bigger. They could be stronger. With a steady diet of lower-body workouts, mobility training, and the right techniques, those legs could be legendary. You want hamstrings that hang to the floor and quads to shame the gods? Start here.

Maximize Your Mobility For Major Squatting

Squats don't mean squat if you can't perform them correctly. Increase your mobility, longevity, and range of motion with this guide to pre- and post-workout flexibility training.

The Science Of Leg Training

Science isn't as hard as it seems, but leg day will always test your strength. Learn everything you need to know about legs, from ankle to hip!

Training Calves: Keep It Simple And Smart

Get ready to limp out of bed tomorrow. It's time to feed the calves. With a steady diet of raises, raises, and more raises, they'll grow in no time.

5 Best Leg Exercises You're Not Doing

Leg day is about more than squats, deadlifts, extensions, and curls. These five lesser-used leg exercises will kickstart your lower-body growth!

Jen Jewell's Leg-Sculpting Workout

Don't hide your legs this winter, display them! Build your legs and burn some fat with Jen's intense lower-body workout.

10 Superior Squat Videos

We scoured the Internet to find some of the greatest squat videos in history. The arguments will rage, but our choices are final.

5 Moves To A Better Booty

A toned booty is a muscular booty, one that can help you squat heavier, jump higher, and run faster. Need some moves to help you build a better bottom? Find them here!

We 'Mirin Special Edition: Calling All Quads!

Leg development separates the pretenders from the real deals. So we searched BodySpace for the craziest leg pics we could find!

Hamstring Pulls And Tears

Recovery should begin the moment after an injury occurs. Learn how to begin treating a hamstring pull or tear, and reduce your time on the sidelines.

The Fast-Track To Olympic Legs

Podium-ready tree trunks require both strength and balance. If you want to see how far your legs can carry you, use the training secrets of top athletes like Usain Bolt and Ryan Lochte.