Leg Workout Inspiration: 10 Superior Squat Videos

We scoured the Internet to find some of the greatest squat videos in history. The arguments will rage, but our choices are final. Strength is a virtue.

The squat is the most important lower-body lift, period. It is the ultimate test of leg strength. If you don't squat, your upper body is sitting on a shaky foundation.

So, let your quads loose. Build a foundation as strong as stone. Drop into the pocket and fire out like a rocket. If you need a little leg day inspiration from true champions, these squat videos will unveil the capabilities of legendary legs.

1 / Tom Platz

Tom squatted 500 pounds (227.5 kg) 23 times. Think about that. There are people who can't even drop into a squat, let alone 23 times, with 500 pounds on the bar. May the "Golden Eagle" fly forever.

Tom Platz 500lb 227.5kg squat for 23 reps

Watch The Video - 01:46

2 / Michhail Koklyaev

"Look, ma, no hands!" Koklyaev proves that gripping the bar is optional when it comes to heavy squats. His 639-pound squat with no hands looks simple, but the control it takes to perform this lift cannot be quantified. Do not try this at home!

290kg Squat With No Hands Koklayev

Watch The Video - 00:33

3 / Warrick Brant

This 770-pound front squat knocks the clamp off the barbell! Brant is a serious beast. Remember, the weight shifts for the front squat, so different muscles enter the lift. Bow down before this beastly lift.

770lb Front Squat

Watch The Video - 00:50

4 / Derek Poundstone

We look for maximum lifts, but for pure form and consistency, this 605-pound squat for 5 reps in 2009 has to inspire rage against weakness.

Derek Poundstone 605lb Squat For Reps

Watch The Video - 01:12

5 / Kara Bohigian Smith

Kara has some sick videos on the Internet. She squats two reps of 365 pounds in this one, but check out some of her workouts. She is too strong.

Kara Bohigian Smith 355x2, 365 Back Squats 2x2

Watch The Video - 01:36

6 / Zydrunas Savickas

In this 2011 World's Strongest man squat lift, the 3-time World's Strongest Man and 6-time Arnold Strongman Classic champion goes beast mode with 715 pounds for seven reps.

2011 World's Strongest Man—Squat Lift—Zydrunas Savickas

Watch The Video - 01:50

7 / Andrey Malanichev

This 993-pound (450 kg) squat video has some awesome imperial background music. It's not Andrey's heaviest lift, but it shows the progression to greatness and the control it takes to have a good lift when the pressure is on.

Squat. RAW World Record. Andrey Malanichev

Watch The Video - 02:17

8 / Fred Hatfield

This is the only credit that counts. "Dr. Squat" has a doctorate in kinesiology and a specialty in raw strength. As a competitor, he was the best in the world.

Fred Hatfield 1008lb / 457.5kg Squat

Watch The Video - 00:49

9 / Hossein Rezazadeh

Seriously? This 617-pound (280 kg) front squat is solid. Many heavy front squats include harnesses, which shift the weight and aid in balance. This lift is pure power.

Hossein Rezazadeh 280kg/617lb Front Squat

Watch The Video - 00:11

10 / Naomi Kutin

We found this video of a 10-year-old girl squatting 214.9 pounds at only 92.8 pounds! Strength and power are ageless.

10 Year Old Naomi Kutin Squats 214.9 lbs

Watch The Video - 00:56