Jonathan Goodman, CSCS


Jonathan Goodman, CSCS, is the author of "Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career" and the Online Personal Trainer Blueprint. He is also the creator and head coach of the Personal Training Development Center (a free collaborative blogging resource for personal trainers) which features 3 free Ebooks for trainers to help them grow their business.

As a personal trainer, Jon spent his time working with his clients to both feel comfortable and learn to love a fitness lifestyle. This led to an obsession with the psychology of motivation, behaviour, and persuasion.

Jon retired from personal training clients in 2012 to focus on teaching trainers how to expand their reach through the Internet and, more particularly, social media. Jon is from Toronto, Canada but recently spent 6 months in Hawaii and has a hard time sitting still for longer than 10 minutes.




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