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Jean is a figure competitor, registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, Ph.D. student, and more!


Jean is a registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, Ph.D. student, former cooking instructor, and physique competitor.

A strong, healthy body is built over time through consistent training and smart diet. Jean's nutrition coaching and regular blogs translate the knowledge of a sports nutritionist into practical tips to help you get healthy and shape the body of your dreams!

This website is dedicated to providing information for those in search of self-improvement. Use the healthy recipes, articles, and images to realize your health and fitness goals!

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Sleep Yourself Slim: The Impact Of Sleep Loss On Hormones, Appetite, And Weight!
With only 6 hours of sleep, I convince myself to close my eyes, and think about anything relaxing that is not sleep. After 7.7 hours of sleep, I am really ready to start my day. But why all the fuss about sleep? Learn more.
Section: Nutrition :: Apr 28, 2008

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