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Astounding Three Day Workout For Mass!

Astounding Three Day Workout For Mass!

Are you frustrated with your current workout? Have you been at the same weight and same strength for months... or even years? This full guide will get you growing like crazy!

Are you frustrated with your current workout? Have you been at the same weight and same strength for months ... or even years?

This article will show you what real natural bodybuilders do to gain mass in as short as time as possible - all without lifting weights more than 3 days per week.

The Workout

Do a short warm-up set before each exercise with approximately 50% of the weight you will use for the main working set. Do about 4-6 reps with this lighter weight, just enough to get warmed up.

Quick Mass Workout
Since this is your first exercise, you may want to do 2 or 3 short and easy warm up sets to get ready. This will be your hardest exercise most likely, so we put it at the beginning so you can throw everything you can at it. Lifting to failure on squats means almost falling down on your last rep. Be sure to go all the way down and have a partner or rack there to help you if needed.
Use a full range of motion. Go all the way up and all the way down.
Use a full range of motion and do not "jerk" the weight up.
Your first upper body exercise. Be sure to do a good warm up set so you do not injure yourself. Lift heavy and do not rest at the top of the movement.
Do these in front of your face, not behind the neck. You can injure your rotator cuff when doing them behind the neck. Go down until the bar is about at chin level, not lower. Slow, slow, slow reps!
Keep your back straight up and down. Do not move far forward or lean far backward. You want to be squeezing together your shoulder blades!
Slowly, go down and touch your chest around your nipple area. Do not use momentum to get the weight up. Use a spotter and get an extra rep with his help to really blast the muscle.
Do not sway! Keep your elbows at your side and do not move them. Squeeze your biceps upward.
Keep your body straight up, do not lean over too much.
If you can't do pull-ups, do pull-downs. Do these slowly and go all the way up and down. Use the wide-grip bent bar.
Focus on the burn in your triceps to avoid working your chest.
Go all the way down and up. Don't use too heavy of a weight where you can only do partial reps. Feel the burn!
Don't work your abs on any off days. Abs are normal muscles just like your shoulders and chest!

Additional Workout Tips

Length Of Your Workout

The workout should last no longer than 45 minutes! Plan your rest between sets accordingly so that you finish in this time period. Studies have shown that after 47 minutes of intense weight training, your cortisol levels shoot up.

This means that the longer you workout after 47 minutes, the less results you will get and the more likely you will overtrain. So get in the gym, lift hard, stay focused and get out.

Train To Failure

The most important thing is that you lift to absolute failure! It is almost 100% necessary to have a workout partner. If you need to get 8-10 reps, choose a weight that allows you to get 8-10 reps, but no more.

Once you reach your last rep, you should not be physically able to do another one, no matter what. Only you can judge if you are truly putting all possible effort into each set.

Practice Proper Form

Perform each set with good form. Cheating will only hurt your gains. Do each rep slowly and do not use momentum.

Each rep should use a full range of motion and take approximately 2 seconds on the way down and 2 seconds on the way up. Do not "jerk" the weight up. Slowly move it up and down. Use lighter weight if you must. This is important to your gains so don't ignore this!

Stay In Constant Motion

Do not stop moving during any part of your set. You should stay in constant motion without locking out on any exercise. Do not stop at the bottom of your exercise.


A full body workout that you will complete 2 1/2 or 3 days per week on one of the following schedules:

3 Days A Week

1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 1 off, 1 on, 2 off. Usually people will do this by working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the other days completely off from weight training.

2 1/2 Days A Week

Experienced lifters may benefit even more from taking more rest days. Have you ever noticed that after a 2-day rest period, your next workout is awesome? You feel good, your strength is up and you have a great workout.

Then, near the end of the week you feel tired and drained? Lifting on the following schedule allows you to get full recovery and have a record-breaking workout each time: 1 on, 2 off, repeat.

Progression: You Need A Log

You must lift heavier each workout. If you lift 100 pounds for 10 reps each workout for months, your body will have no reason to get bigger and stronger. You will not grow unless your weights are going up repeatedly. The only way to fully track this is to write down everything you do in a workout log.

If last time you did 225 pounds for 10 reps on the bench press, you must go to at least 230 pounds for 8 reps on your next workout. If you do get 8 reps, then on your next workout you should get at least 9 reps with the same weight.

Once you can get 10 reps, you must raise the weight again. Look at your log from your last workout, and beat it on every exercise. Even if you only get half a rep more than before, you will be gaining.

It is important that you also track your body weight and measurements so you can see how much progress you have made. I recommend weighing yourself before each workout and measuring a few of your important body parts (like arms, thighs and waist) before you go to the gym.

Why Does This Work?

Stop thinking that more is better! Many bodybuilders who are used to high volume training would laugh at a bodybuilder who does one set per exercise and only works out three days per week. I ask them how many times a week they work their biceps.

Almost always, they say once per week. So they work their biceps, then they let them rest for 7 days in a row? After 1 or 2 days, their biceps are no longer sore, yet they wait another 5 or 6 days to work them again. Their biceps are slowly shrinking during this long rest period.

In our workout you isolate each body part three times per week with a full, heavy set. You hit it on Monday, let it rest one day, hit it on Wednesday, let it rest, hit it on Friday, and then give the poor muscle a 2-day break before starting the cycle again.

Why is this good for muscle building? Think about when you build a callous on your hand. If you were to rub your hand until it was cut and started bleeding, then wait a week, then do it again, you would simply have a scar.

On the other hand, if you were to rub it a little each day or every other day, it would slowly build up a resistance to the rubbing, thus forming a protective callous. This is the same idea with our workout.

Our workout looks easy on paper, since you are only doing one set per exercise. Trust me, if you go to failure on each exercise, you will be more physically exhausted than ever before.

Nutrition And Supplements

As you may have heard, nutrition accounts for at least 70 percent of your success. Try to build a brick house without bricks! It ain't happening. Your body cannot build without building blocks like protein.

Your body must also have a positive calorie balance so your body is in weight-gaining mode. The important thing is to be sure that you are getting enough calories and protein.

If you aren't gaining, up your calories until you are. You should not be gaining fat, so cut your calories down if your body fat percentage starts to rise.

For supplements, be sure you pick a good protein powder or a weight gainer. Use creatine, a multivitamin, and an antioxidant.


It is recommended that you keep your cardio down while doing this workout program. This is a bulking workout to use when you want to gain muscle mass.

The more calories and energy you put toward cardio or other types of exercise, the less ability your body will have to grow muscle.

If you must do cardio, keep it to no more than 20 minutes at a time, three days per week. Save the cardio for your cutting cycle!


OK, your brain now has the knowledge it needs to turn your body into a muscular freak. You just have to get the motivation to actually do the program, follow it perfectly, take your supplements and eat right.

Do you have what it takes? Are you going to have the body that other people are jealous of? Will you get stares from girls and guys every time you walk into a room? That is 100% up to you now. Try the program, follow it perfectly for at least 6 weeks and you will be on your way.

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Does any one know if this would be enough to build a good amount of muscle?

Jun 28, 2013 3:22am | report

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I am on this same program, the trick is to use Max weight on everything, up the max weight every week, supplements are a must to get full potential out of this workout, supplement one-two meals for a high protein shake, add a testosterone booster, and a HGH booster, I recommened little to no cardio except for a warm up before workout, and drink your protein shake immediately after your workout is over. I have some supplement opinions that have worked for me if you would like a list?

Nov 5, 2013 9:33am | report
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