Learn from one the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Dave Draper has won Mr. America, Mr. Universe and Mr. World!


Bodybuilding as we know it today began some sixty years ago when men like John Grimek and Steve Reeves lifted weights in preparation for the first Mr. America title in the late 30's. The famed Muscle Beach emerged in Santa Monica, California in the 40's. And, as I recollect, it was in the mellow mid-50's when I lifted my first set of barbells. Little did I know the reps and sets, moans and groans that lay before me.

I went on to win the Mr. America title in 1965 and the Mr. Universe in '66. In 1970, after winning the Mr. World in Columbus, Ohio, I sensed a sifting of the gears in bodybuilding and stepped out of competition. The sport took off like a rocket to the moon, soaring into the 80's with ever increasing momentum.

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Spring Training - High Intensity Intervals.
If you have been sitting on the couch for the last 20 years then you will probably not want to start exercising in this fashion. HIIT seems to have proven itself as an efficient method of getting cardio in during the day. Read on for more.
Section: Training :: Sep 06, 2005

What Makes A Good Gym?
There are many gyms in this world that you can workout in. I would like to share some experiences and thoughts about several of them.
Section: Training :: Aug 31, 2005

Stop Smoking For Better Health!
Do you smoke? Does it really make you feel good? Today I am going to share with you some of my feelings about smoking and a plea for everyone to just stop.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 18, 2005

Weight Training And Hormones - The Amazing Connection!
Hormones are a busy bunch. From testosterone to cortisol there is a constant battle going on which should, at the very least, be understandable to the average person. Here is some information about hormones for you the average reader.
Section: Nutrition :: Aug 17, 2005

You Win, You Lose, You Crawl!
Seldom do I drag myself to the gym unwillingly. That's all behind me and has been for a long, long time. Today, I roll out the ole Harley, run a cloth over the chrome, crack the pipes and let'er rip.
Section: Mind :: Apr 07, 2004

Slumpbusters: Get Out Of Your Plateau!
As these sticking points plague all of us frequently, we are wise to press on with our prescribed workout, giving it plenty of time to work. Those who endure these apparent voids - plateaus - have heart; they carry on to grow in both muscle and character. Find out how to break your plateau.
Section: Training :: Feb 12, 2004

Workout Q & A!
Find out the best way to start your beginning weight lifting and cardio program, the best time to perform aerobic activity, how to get a flat stomach and much more!
Section: Training :: Dec 29, 2003

How To Choose Your Gym!
Each gym has its own personality largely based on its ownership and operating team, the neighborhood in which it resides and, subsequently, the folks it attracts. Like a mate, there's a gym for everybody.
Section: Training :: Sep 19, 2003

The Blond Bomber Talks Bodybuilding!
Talking with Dave Draper is getting an inside personal history of a sport that progressed from basements and garages to center stage!
Section: Contests :: May 30, 2003

Where Do You Want To Go?
Goal setting has been researched, tested, evaluated and turned inside out. Man, by nature, is goal-oriented and has spent the past two decades writing books, articles and courses on the subject.
Section: Mind :: May 16, 2003

The Basic Of Good Nutrition!
Good nutrition, like good training, is simple - learn the basics and practice them consistently. We have on our hands a zillion ways to diet, feed ourselves and live our lives for fitness. Let's clear the air and put some things in order.
Section: Nutrition :: May 06, 2003

Mail Call: Questions To Dave Answered!
This week I've decided to pick a few email questions that represent the perplexities of a wide range of us insistent airborne. I'll condense the note to save time and assure privacy, yet give you a feel for the person and his or her dilemma.
Section: Training :: Apr 21, 2003

Breaking The Mold!
Break your plateaus! Here is a Draper Diversion you are permitted to enjoy from time to time. It's not exactly a box of chocolates, but then it's not sardine and onion pie either.
Section: Training :: Apr 16, 2003

2003 Arnold Classic Overview!
Here is my rundown of the my extended Arnold weekend, five days packed with odd experiences and memorable moments of every color, shape and size.
Section: Contests :: Mar 15, 2003

Not Your Average Joe!
The average person walking the streets -- male or female, young or old, your neighborhood or mine -- is out of shape, overweight and under-muscled. One could conclude that these physical conditions reflect an under-developed interior as well. How does one miss the magnitude of one's personal health and strength or fail to pursue its maintenance?
Section: Training :: Mar 14, 2003

Just Another Arnold Spectacular!
The experiences go on and on and they are priceless. And we were just one little stir of energy amid the roiling sea. You've gotta see it to believe it. Oh! Jay Cutler won again.
Section: Contests :: Mar 14, 2003

Another Week Older, Again!
The training plan is not only the routine of exercises practiced in the gym, but the time allotted for the workout, the timing of the workout, your eating and nutritional habits and your rest and sleep. Of course, your devotion and attitude are major players in your training scheme.
Section: Training :: Mar 07, 2003

The Age Spectrum
What youth didn't do for you, you must do now... pick up the pieces and put them together. That's why today you stand beyond the door and on the gym floor. Say goodbye to the child, but be sure to take the kid with you.
Section: Training :: Feb 26, 2003

Thoughts Of Dedication and Desire!
There are things I could do other than work out with the weights within the gym walls -- more appealing and exciting, perhaps -- yet to the gym I am bound. Why?
Section: Mind :: Feb 10, 2003

Pure Exercise: The Exotics Of Form, Focus, and Pace!
I cautioned you early on that I shoot from the hip; be ready to duck. Your head and heart are in the right place, the menu is in order and the work is about to begin!
Section: Training :: Feb 03, 2003

Stand & Be Strong!
Learn that no one is perfect and why some choose to quit rather than train to succeed!
Section: Mind :: Jan 20, 2003

Learning From Dave Draper's Mistakes!
Dave Draped teamed up with Learnfrommymistakes.com to create a great article on how to not make the mistakes that Dave did!
Section: Mind :: Dec 20, 2002

Scientific Diets? Do You Need Them?
I believe that a well-balanced diet and good supplementation can be realized instinctively. Learn why scientific diets don't work for me!
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 10, 2002

Fistful Of Time: An Inside Look At Dave Draper
See what Dave Draper is up to these days and also find out what is going on that is new and anything else that is going on in his life!
Section: Mind :: Nov 25, 2002

Just Another Workout
Workouts are tough, both physically and mentally, and it's essential to value each and every training session. Therein lies the apprehension.
Section: Mind :: Nov 21, 2002

Pumping Irony: Why Everyone Wants To Be Like Dave
The drugs, the contracts, suing Weider, these are a few of the things that have happened in Dave Draper's life!
Section: Mind :: Nov 11, 2002

Tight Nutrition And Hard-Hitting Workouts
On your mark... dial in the nutrition and prepare to be poured into the angular and defining mold. There are compromises to accept and sacrifices to make.
Section: Training :: Nov 01, 2002

Mass From the Past: Dave Draper's Secrets for Absolute Arm Development
His phenomenal biceps, triceps and forearm development ranks among the greatest of all time - featuring mass, shape and cuts, as well as total symmetry of the upper and lower arms.
Section: Training :: Oct 17, 2002

Draper's: The Art Of Posing
In the late 1960's and early 70's, posing wasn't poetic and beautiful. We weren't body sculptors then. We were more like deckhands slamming through our most massive poses.
Section: Contests :: Oct 11, 2002

Total Body Training With Antagonistic Supersets
It was built to be used, and its function is in its systemic movement - different muscle groups working together in a coordinated fashion - rather than separately in clumsy, isolated motion.
Section: Training :: Oct 03, 2002

Exceptions To The Rule
The iron you lift shrinks in size yet moves with increasing difficulty as its weight is compounded by its echo from across the vast gym floor; a flea on a big dog's back.
Section: Mind :: Sep 26, 2002

Plateaus: Fact Or Fiction?
I personally believe that plateaus or sticking points are the abominations of un-seasoned muscle builders, whose patience and understanding have not wholly developed...
Section: Training :: Sep 15, 2002

The Secret Is There Is No Secret
Are amongst you of the B type, neither lazy nor irresponsible, who can't seem to make it to the gym (or the garage) on a regular basis. You have a long list of reasons why you can't and some of them are even pretty good. It is to this larger half of the population to whom I speak.
Section: Mind :: Sep 14, 2002

Training Past 40!
If you've been training since your teens or twenties and you're now over 40 you know, of course, you're hooked. You can't let go. But then conventional wisdom slaps you in the face and tells you you're in for a change in your training and expectations.
Section: Training :: Sep 12, 2002

Overcoming Stress
But the stress factors are gathering over the day until you want to scream.
Section: Mind :: Aug 30, 2002

Watching Dave Draper
This year I was able to see Dave Draper go through a workout and I would like to tell you about it.
Section: Training :: Aug 24, 2002

The Business Of Brawn!
Dave Draper's body is his business. His physique, once familiar in the movies, has flexed all over the world. Yet his name is not a household word.
Section: Mind :: Aug 18, 2002

Why Do You Have All Those Muscles?
Do you wonder what bodybuilders use their muscles for, besides for looks. Dave Draper has cleared this up for all of us and telling us why!
Section: Training :: Aug 12, 2002

On Target With Dave Draper
How come it was Dave Draper achieving such an unusual feat? Because he's recognized as a major figure in the sport of bodybuilding and he's now firmly back in action in the iron scene after a prolonged absence of almost 15 years.
Section: Training :: Aug 04, 2002

Draper's Dungeon
It was a legendary time of bodybuilding history, and eight-week period in 1970, when, at Joe Gold's original gym in Santa Monica, these men shared their training energy.
Section: Training :: Jul 31, 2002

Training Partner Blues
It was a legendary time of bodybuilding history, and eight-week period in 1970, when, at Joe Gold's original gym in Santa Monica, these men shared their training energy.
Section: Training :: Jul 30, 2002

Cycling Your Carbs To Maximize Fat Loss
One very effective way to maximize fat loss is through a method called carbohydrate cycling.
Section: Nutrition :: Jul 27, 2002

Bodybuilders Anonymous
There are 10 steps we must consider if we are to overcome this malady and put our training in good order. Let's work together, one day at a time.
Section: Mind :: Jul 24, 2002

Iron Rules - Gym-etiquette
To make a muscle look good, you need only train it in isolation, but to make it work efficiently in useful, everyday activities, it must work synergistically with other muscle groups.
Section: Training :: Jul 19, 2002

Body Thrust
To make a muscle look good, you need only train it in isolation, but to make it work efficiently in useful, everyday activities, it must work synergistically with other muscle groups.
Section: Training :: Jul 18, 2002

The Arm Forum
Legendary bodybuilder Dave Draper is letting bodybuilding.com republish some of his greatest articles. Learn from on of the greatest bodybuilders in the world!
Section: Training :: Jul 16, 2002

A Bit Of Draper Bodybuilding History!
Bodybuilding as we know it today began some sixty years ago when men like John Grimek and Steve Reeves lifted weights in preparation for the first Mr. America title.
Section: Contests :: Jun 25, 2002

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