Courtney Prather


Courtney Prather is one of the newest rising stars in the fitness industry. She broke out after winning the 2011 Fit USA competition, and after placing in many national shows has became an internationally known fitness model and bikini competitor, is a BSN sponsored athlete and a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.

Her passion for fitness led her to leave her old 8 to 5, corporate career in hotel management behind to inspire others on their health and fitness journey. She created Fitness Life Adventure to teach people that fitness, like life, should be an adventure. She believes you don't have to sacrifice one for the other, and teaches that with her real and refreshing approach to fitness.

Alongside her work coaching and inspiring others, Courtney is a host, actress, writer and wanderer living in Santa Monica, California, where you can catch her hiking, surfing or biking around town on her free time.

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