I started lifting with a pair of dumbbells my Dad got me for my 11th birthday. I did this on and off and when I was 12 my dad and brother joined a gym. My mum got me some heavier dumbbells for my 13th birthday so I used them about 3 times a week just doing curls and the simple exercises I knew. After about 4 months of lifting them my dad joined me to the gym and we went there every week about 3 times.

For my 14th birthday I got a multi-gym off my mum and dad which was convenient as the gym closed down shortly after. So from then I have been lifting seriously for the last 6 months but I have been lifting for 18 months. I have gained 14lbs in the last year and lift over double what I started.

I decided to read magazines and came on Bodybuilding.com for information and now I have great knowledge of the sport. I wanted to write for Teenbodybuilding.com so others who are my age could do the same as I have.

Name: AJ
Favorite Bodyparts: All of them.
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Favorite Bodyparts: Abs + Arms
Favorite Exercise: Cruches + Bench Press
Favorite Supplements: Protein shake (only supplement I take at the moment)
Favorite Bodybuilders: Skip La Cour + Mike O'Hearn (100% natural)
Bodyfat: 8%


He can be contacted at AJ@bodybuilders.com.


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