Matt Biss' 16-Week Transformation - A Plan Of Action To Lose 35 Lbs! Customer Service Rep 'Muscle Mania' Matt Biss is taking on a 16-week plan of action to lose 35 pounds. Follow along with Matt's journey in this motivating video series!

Matt Biss 16-Week Transformation

Matt Biss

Vital Stats:

Name: Matt Biss
BodySpace: MuscleManiaMatt

Starting Weight: 224 lbs

Matt Biss
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Matt's Current Weight.

I always said it wouldn't happen to me. My friends always told me it would, but I didn't think they were right about me. I was different, you see.

I have had a passion for the iron since I was 13-years old. I lost my father then, and like many people I needed something to fill the emptiness with, and for me that was training. I played football, baseball, and wrestled, so my new passion for bodybuilding fit right in. By my senior year, I had dropped those other sports, and was focused on bodybuilding and power lifting.

Matt Biss Matt Biss Matt Biss
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Matt Biss Is Taking On A 16-Week Transformation.

What my friends, family, and then teachers always said is that after I "grow up" and get married, it won't be as important to me, and I will probably get fat and fade into the abysmal pit of mediocrity. I said it would never happen.

Fast forward 5 years. I am married; still going to school; we bought our first house; and guess what: it happened! I've never stopped training in all that time, but good nutrition took a backseat to everything else that has been going on. I haven't competed (in bodybuilding) in two years, and have trouble staying motivated. I have even had a couple of serious injuries. It seems I am not the infallible colossal force I once thought I was!

I told myself I would compete again soon, and even started dieting a couple times, but was unable to keep the fire lit. Well, I mean it this time! Over the next 16 weeks I will be losing about 35 pounds, and we will top this achievement off by doing a few bodybuilding shows in the area. I have helped hundreds of people do the same sort of thing, and as long as I take proper steps to ensure I have motivation and accountability I can't fail! That said, let's take a look at my game plan for getting absolutely peeled.

Matt Biss
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I Can't Fail!

Introduction Video

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What Am I Going To Eat?

Time Food/Supplement Calories Protein Carbs Fat
6:00 am Oatmeal 2 cups cooked 257 11 45 4
Protein 120 24 3 1
7:00 am Workout
9:00 am Protein 120 24 3 1
280 0 70 0
10:00 am 5 Egg Whites 85 18 1 0.5
Oatmeal 1 cup cooked 128 5.5 22.5 2
1:00 pm Chicken Breast-6 oz 284 53.4 0 6.1
Salad with apple cider vinegar 76 2.6 8.2 4.3
Potato 10 oz 246 6.3 54 0.4
2:00 pm Carrots 60 2 14 0.4
Almond butter 202 4.8 6.8 19
4:00 pm 5 Egg Whites 85 18 1 0.5
150 20 7 4.5
7:00 pm Steak 4 oz with Broccoli 232 33.6 5.6 7.4
Potato 10 oz 246 6.3 54 0.4
8:30 pm Cardio
9:30 pm Casein protein 100 22 3 0.5

Calories Protein Carbs Fat
2671 251.5 298 52

That's basically it! One day per week I will add 100 grams of carbohydrates. This will help me keep some muscle on, as well as fuel my leg workout. As you can see, I have frequent feedings scheduled. The meal frequency keeps nutrients dripping in all day, and my blood sugar stable. My total calories are low enough to drop just over 2 pounds of body fat a week, but I have enough food in there to prevent my body from feeding off of muscle tissue for fuel.

The Workout

I normally train pretty heavy, so for at least the first month I plan on doing something quite a bit different. This new workout will not only help me expend a lot of calories and help with cardiovascular conditioning, but being so different from my norm I expect I will over respond to it. Let's take a look:

arrow Week One:

Monday: Trunk:

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Tuesday: Extremities:

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Wednesday: Trunk:

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Thursday: Rest

Friday: MxS Lower:

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What Does MxS Stand For?
MxS stands for Maximum Strength.

Saturday: MxS Upper:

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Sunday: Rest:

The new portion of the workout is split into two parts; trunk and extremities. I will do three of those workouts per week with high repetitions in a circuit. For the first week there will be about a minute worth of rest in between sets, until week four when I will go through all 8 exercises with no rest. I also have a cardio session every evening.

The second portion of the workout is my meat and potatoes stuff. The purpose of this is to keep my strength and speed up; since this is the type of program I typically use to put muscle on in the first place. I will be doing 5 sets of 5 reps (except on calves). I will likely change a few exercises as I go along, but the concept should stay the same.

Matt Biss
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Performing Plate Rows!


Supplements are just something to augment your nutrition, but they can be pretty important! There are a few important times in my book for supplementation; upon waking, workout time, and before you go to bed.

In the morning, I take a good multivitamin and mineral formula. This is the most important thing I take all day. I add to this with green tea extract and some vitamin C for an anti-oxidant boost, as well as some omegas. A short while after my first meal, I am preparing for the morning workout. At this point I take Animal Pump. It's a zero calorie pre-workout product that has lots of goodies for enhancing my performance, but mostly it helps wake me up quickly. Zombies are not allowed in my gym.

As I start my workout I take 6 scoops of Xtend in 20 ounces of water. Xtend has BCAA's in it, which not only help with recovery, but during my workout they can spare muscle if my fuel levels get low. Most people take these pre and post workout, I find it works out better for me if I just hit them all during my workout. There is also a generous amount of glutamine in that product as well, which serves a similar purpose.

After my workout I take in 5 grams of creatine (there is creatine in my pre-workout product as well) with a few other cell volumizers. This is also the time to get in WPI and carbohydrates to replenish my glycogen stores.

In the evening I take the multi and anti-oxidant products again, as well as 5 more grams of glutamine. Before bed, I take ON 100% casein, which is a slower digesting protein that will keep me anti-catabolic. I also find it impossible to sleep without something in my belly. The last product I take is Scivation Knockout, which is a cocktail of ninja sleep-aids. Rest is much underrated so I never pull the punches when it comes to recovering!


Doing this transformation series is by itself very motivating, and a great source of accountability! One of the important things for me is tracking. I have found with myself and everyone that I have trained that program compliance is much better if you log your food and workouts.

We have some great logs on our site, so I printed some pages and had them bound. I also took one of my "fat" pictures and put it on the fridge, so that every time I approach it I will have to think about what I am about to do just a little bit more. My wife is also going to be my back-up with food prep. Having her on board with the program is huge; she will keep me in line!