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An Amazing 4-Day Workout For Lean Mass!

An Amazing 4-Day Workout For Lean Mass From Planet Muscle! Grow fast!

By: Planet Muscle

I'm going brazen today, baby! As I see it, in the glorious land of iron-pumping, there are two facts of real note today - One, the BEST thing that has ever happened to return some balance to complete training, all types of lifting and bodybuilding is now PLANET MUSCLE.

It really is reality time for all the guys pretending like they really do train in a gym drenched in oil with no shirts on. Wearing boots and only training briefs, grimacing with fake weights, (straining like they are having a baby for christ sakes).

They should to go back to the mental institution for photo obsessive-ness and fakery. No one trains this way, the way some magazines portray bodybuilders, making them look like real idiots.

And two, the WORST thing that has ever happened to bodybuilding is that most of the other serious muscle magazines (writers, publishers and athletes) have long ago forgotten the huge differences between training with, or without, steroids.

I started training when I was 12. I have read every book, muscle magazine and, frankly, probably every article written on mass, starting back in 1964. I have experimented with every workout touted to build mass and strength on myself, on Cory and on literally thousands of athletes when I was a BIG-10 strength coach for 12 years.

I have tried every supplement known to man, and to be truthful, I pretty much have tried most of the so-called muscle/size-building drugs too.

But, what is important here - I trained regularly and hard, from age 12 to 28 before I even tried steroids. And I observed hundreds of other athletes along the way making the switch, so I know the differences between training on steroids and off steroids, unlike most guys today, I was weaned on testosterone at about 10. There is a big difference.

    Off Steroids: You just can't do the volume or frequency. You may be able to maintain the intensity, (as defined by percentage of maximum for one repetition), but probably not the rate of increasing intensity, or as much intensity (volume) and you can't use as much intensity as often (lower frequency)!

    On Steroids: Blood volume goes higher quickly, recovery is radically enhanced in relatively short order and your body goes anabolic and moves into positive nitrogen balance. So, I am 100% in agreement with those who are re-educating on
    Overtraing with and without steroids, all the time.

Intensity For Immensity

This workout is incredibly brutal and intense, like nothing you have ever done before, but it is structured for recovery and it gives the optimum spectrum of low-middle-high reps to build full, complete bodybuilding mass. Rotation and rest are crucial and both are ample herein.

Look, I don't guarantee many things in bodybuilding but if you have not been happy with your progress, this workout will build absolutely unparalleled mass and strength very quickly. Give it a fair and complete six-month trial just as is.


Eating & Supplements For Mass - 2002!

To really maximize a 24-week program for mass, make sure you eat 3-4 solid regular food meals with high protein sources. Eat every 3-4 hours.

These meal-muscle dense foods must include chicken, eggs, cottage cheese, 2% or whole milk, red meat, fish, turkey, buffalo, roast etc. and a lot of good complex carbohydrates (rice, yams, some grains, oatmeal, vegetables and baked potatoes).

A reasonable amount of fat (preferably polyunsaturated-like peanut butter) is also a MUST to grow.

You should also consume protein powder supplements twice a day, in addition. In my opinion, the best-of-the-best, the TOP TEN products (mostly protein based powders), For Mass and Recovery, for naturals are:

I also favor extra branched chain amino acids, supplements with taurine, glutamine and creatine. With creatine, I now prefer the Creatine Superload Gel from Averasport, MET-Rx Ultra and MET-Rx CR-10, ANSI the Works with creatine already in it, GNC Mega creatine and BSN with Bicreaplex complex. NitroMine and GlutaCene are especially overloaded with BCAA and glutamine.

Jeff Everson

Reprinted with permission from Planet Muscle.

An Amazing 4-Day Workout For Lean Mass!

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