Erin Stern Fitness 360: Training Program

Erin Stern trains at high speed with heavy weight. Work out like this figure champ to look like a figure champ—provided you can keep up.

Long before she competed in figure, Erin began competing in track and field. Her athletic background influences her figure training to this day. Yes, Erin lifts weights, but she finds balance by training for strength, speed, and physique. Each activity supports the other.

"People stare at me in the gym for [sprinting]," Erin says. "We have platforms where I work out, so I'll also do hang cleans or hang snatch, some kind of Olympic lift, maybe 5 sets of 5 reps. Then I'll go into my compound movements and finish with isolation moves. I do circuit training and then I'll do supersets, especially if I am trying to drop some muscle going toward a show.

"I mix it up! It's important to not stay in the same routine because your body will get used to it, and you'll plateau," she explains.

Erin Stern Fit 360

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Erin prefers sprints and HIIT to the treadmill grind. Athletes like her need to be strong and explosive. Her training fits her needs.

"I never do steady-state cardio," Erin says. "I'm always doing sprints or some type of interval training. I count Tabatas as cardio. I don't think traditional low-intensity cardio is very effective, because you only burn calories whole you're on that treadmill. Once you step off, it's done."

Erin doesn't lift every day. She takes Thursday off to rest and recover from the training madness she loves so much. After all, muscles grow at rest, not when you're pounding them in the gym.

"If you don't give your body time to rest, you're not going to advance in your program," Erin says. "Maybe I'll go to the beach and relax or throw the football around, but it's not working out—not on a day off."

Erin trains for each specific goal she aims to hit throughout the calendar year. She programs her routine depending on the desired outcome. "It helps to have a goal," she says. "Simply training to win a show has never worked for me in the past. Tangible results do!"

Erin's Training Regimen ///
Day 1: Back
Day 2: Shoulders

Day 3: Legs

Olympic lifts for warm-ups

Day 4: Rest

OMEH: Ouch, My Everything Hurts

Day 5: Arms





Day 6: Track Training/Chest
Day 7: Track Training/Glutes/Calves

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