Zuzka Light's Six-Pack Ab Secrets, Part 2

Travel can throw off even the most well-planned six-pack goals. Not anymore! Use Zuzka Light's hotel workout and these travel tips to stay on track wherever you are!

Zuzka Light's Six-Pack Ab Secrets, Part 2

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Travel can mess up anyone's ability to stay focused and on the right track to fitness. Sure, it's fun to think you've got it under control. You may even think you'll eat healthier and work out more while you're on vacation or a business trip. Heck, you might tell your friends, "I'll be ripped by the time I get back!"

Despite leaving with good intentions, reality will soon set in. Maybe your hotel doesn't have a fitness center, maybe there's no gym nearby, or maybe you're too busy to even find one. It could be that your hotel doesn't offer healthy meal choices and you have no idea where to eat or shop for healthy food. Nowhere to exercise and nothing healthy to eat? Game over.

If you've ever been in this pickle, it's likely you gave up. You just grabbed that package of M&Ms from the minibar and flopped onto your bed. But that was before, and this is now!

I have a great workout that will save you from throwing in the towel. My hotel-room workout and supplement secrets will help you stay fit—and maybe even get fitter—while you're on vacation or a business trip. Check it out!

Zuzka Light's Six-Pack Secrets Part 2
Watch The Video - 7:53

This workout is only 15 minutes long and requires nothing other than your body. You can do it in a small space like a hotel room, or even an office.

Watch the video, make notes, and challenge yourself. How long did it take you to complete the four rounds? Write it down, because your goal is to be even faster next time. And yes, you can do this workout every day while on vacation or a business trip.

In this workout, it's the intensity that matters. Try to get through each exercise as quickly as possible while doing them correctly. Put a towel down before you do this workout. It'll keep you from sweating all over the floor and getting a rug burn!

Mountain Climber

mountain climbers
  • Begin in a plank position. Your hands, elbows, and shoulders should be in a straight line.
  • Bring your right foot up toward your hands.
  • Alternate pumping your right and left foot up toward your hands as quickly as you can.

Ab Splitter

ab splitter
  • This exercise will give you that great abdominal burn you've been looking for. Make sure you keep your feet off the ground until you complete the last rep.
  • Start on your back with your feet and shoulders off the ground. Keep your legs and arms straight. Bring your legs and arms up and forward. They should meet above the center of your body.
  • Lay back down without resting your shoulders or feet on the ground. Once your back hits the ground, raise your upper body. As you raise your torso, split your legs. Reach your hands between your legs until they touch the ground.
  • When your hands touch the ground, recline until your back touches the ground. From there, immediately incline your torso and bring your knees to your chest.
  • All three movements count as one rep.

Push-Up Jack Burpee

push-up and jack burpees
  • Begin on your feet. Jump down into a plank position by putting your hands on the floor and jumping your feet back. Your hands, elbows, and shoulders should be in a straight line. Your spine should also be straight.
  • Jump your feet apart. As you jump your feet apart, do a push-up.
  • After you do a push-up, jump your feet together again, and then jump them up toward your arms.
  • From the crouched position, jump up into the air. That's one rep.

Side Plank Lift and Knee Tuck

Side Plank Lift and Knee Tuck
  • Lay on your right side and then prop yourself up on one arm and lift your hips.
  • Your shoulder and back should be flexed and packed back. Your bottom foot should be slightly behind your top foot.
  • Put your free hand behind your head so your elbow is pointed toward the ceiling. Lift your top knee up toward your elbow.
  • Lower your leg and then lower your hips back to the ground. That's one rep.

Travel With Supps

Eating healthy when you're traveling can be really difficult. If you don't have a kitchen, or you're in an unfamiliar city, finding and preparing food is next to impossible.

It's important you continue your healthy meal plan when you're on the road. Finding a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner is possible with a little creativity. Most hotels offer scrambled eggs or omelets for breakfast. Almost every restaurant will have grilled fish or chicken breast with veggies.

The hardest (but most essential) meal to prepare is your post-workout meal. You may not be hungry, but your body still needs to be nourished after high-intensity training. You can't just cook yourself some egg whites, so you'll have to rely on supplements.

To ensure I'm giving my body what it needs to recover after a tough hotel-room workout, I travel with these three supps:


L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. Supplementing with it will help muscle recovery. Most glutamine powders dissolve in water, have no taste, and are nearly calorie-free!


Believe it or not, veggies come in pills and powder. When traveling, I prefer greens pills, because they don't make a mess and all you need to take them is a glass of water. I usually eat a lot of veggies, but if I can't have the real deal, I like to get the vitamins and nutrients from this supplement.

Fish Oil

Fish oil provides essential omega-3 fatty acids. It's a great supplement that's not only amazing for fat loss, it also benefits your body and your brain!

Keep checking back for more of my six-pack secrets! Next time, I'll give you more nutrition advice and another bodyweight workout you can take with you anywhere. In the meantime, visit my website for more of my workouts, recipes, and blog posts!

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