Blasting The Chest!

In this article I am going to discuss what I feel is the most effective and growth promoting workout for the chest.

In this article I am going to discuss what I feel is the most effective and growth promoting workout for the chest. The majority of bodybuilders and weight training enthusiasts feel that a chest workout is not considered "complete" without utilizing free-weight barbell press as their primary and core exercise. Many of these individuals also believe that strength is relative to size and are more intrigued by training their egos with heavy poundage they cannot handle instead of utilizing proper form and weight selection and actually stimulating the fibers of the chest to promote growth during recovery time.

Speaking of recovery time, it also amazes me how these selective individuals seem to have the ability to train chest two to three times per week. It makes me wonder what they consider an effective workout. Is it a workout that doesn't promote growth to the chest but makes poundage go up by small increments on a monthly or yearly basis? If this is so, you shouldn't be reading this article. This article if for those who want real chest growth, don't have an ego, and don't get pissed off when they have to sacrifice their "brute poundage" for a more efficient workout.

Stimulating The Chest

The chest workout that I will present is the current chest workout that I have found to be most effective at stimulating the chest. This workout incorporates techniques that many people don't believe in or follow due to observation. I feel that the main reason in which people will not utilize the three techniques that I will discuss is due to the fact that they are too whimsical to endure the pain that these principles are capable of inflicting on the body.

Most bodybuilders and weight trainers would rather use straight sets (which don't cause too much pain on the body), and they would also rather use their heavy poundage that they feel proud of achieving. I mean what is worse than having to drop the weight that you were capable of using and actually suffer while using it? But if you want to have a barrel sized chest with striations and veins running through it, I feel these techniques are the only way to blast the chest enough to get it to that point of growth. The 5 techniques that are used in almost all of my workouts are: pre-exhaust, triple drop sets, and also rest pause, and my two new favorites - super slow, and extreme stretching. Without these techniques I would be lost at a sub-intensity level and not achieve the feeling of accomplishment that I do with these principles.

So now with a simple background on what you will be up for lets introduce the most beneficial workout for the chest. This workout always begins on the Pec-deck fly machine. Why might you ask? Well it is only the best machine to fully isolate the chest and pre-exhaust it to its full extent. Lets paint a picture. Most people on chest day will go straight to the flat press, don't get me wrong its an excellent movement but it has downfalls.

When using the flat barbell press. When you reach failure your triceps and shoulders usually give out before you can fully blast and stimulate the chest. But with pre-exhaust your chest, and only your chest will already be stimulated before you get to the flat press. So back to the workout, my workout partner and I will usually warm up with some light sets before we start to inflict the pain. On this machine, only one working set will be preformed. With the style that it is preformed in you wont want/be able to perform another set in a similar fashion.

The Workout

All right, now lets get this workout going. After a few light warm up sets on the pec-deck we are then ready for our one working set. The style in which the set is preformed is a triple drop set with forced reps and also very slow reps during the set. Now the set has begun, 6 to 8 slow and controlled reps are preformed before I start to reach failure. My partner then steps in and helps me further complete another 2-4 reps. I have just completed the first of the three sets and now the weight stack has been reduced slightly. With no times rest the second set has begun and 4 to 6 slow reps are preformed to failure with an additional 2-4 partner assisted reps.

The stack has then been reduced again and a similar set as the previous is preformed, but this time I like to add some pauses at the stretch and also the contraction. After this triple drop set my chest is on fire and in enough pain to call it quits for the day. But hey, that's just the pre-exhaustion, right?

After your first working set, your chest will be pumped beyond belief and hurting enough to feel like you did a full workout, but we still have to do presses! The next exercise that I use is the Incline smith press. I feel that this hits the chest perfect if you angle it right. After one or two warm-ups we proceed to our (like the pec-deck) one working set, just like the Deck-Deck we are performing a triple drop. With the set begun I hit 4-5 reps with five second negatives, after I reached failure I get 2-3 partner assisted reps.

The weight is dropped, and the same set and rep protocol is preformed until I reach failure. Again the weight is dropped and the same style set is preformed to complete the triple drop.

With my chest destroyed beyond belief I move on to my third and final exercise, which is flat dumbbell pres, rest-pause. This exercise is just like a finishing up for the chest due to the fact that it will be destroyed from the two previous sets. After picking a weight that is moderately heavy I bang out 8-10 reps with five-second negatives, and place them back up on my thighs in a seated position. After 15-20 seconds rest I again proceed to do another set, this time only getting 3-4 reps with five-second negatives. The weight is then rested again and I final set is preformed only getting 2-3 reps and a 20 second hold at mid point at the end, ouch.

About The Workout

The last, what I consider exercise, is the stretch. What is this you ask? This is a technique that I use generated from Anabolic Extreme. It is one of the newest additions to my workouts and it is probably one of the best additions. To do this you pick a weight you can handle on flies for a set of 6-8, but you don't perform reps. You start with the weight at the top positions and slowly do a 8 second negative. When the weight is at the deepest stretch you hold it for 50 seconds trying your hardest not to drop it. Try this for four weeks and tell me how you chest looks, and also how much better your stability on press movements has improved.

Well, that's the workout in a nutshell. If you won't do it consistently, at least try it once and see what it feels like to actually have a sore chest for 4-5 days after. This is one of the most brutal workouts I have done for chest and I think you may feel the same about it. With this workout my chest has been hellishly sore for 4 or more days and got as nauseous as a leg workout after my triple drops. But if you do decide to do it consistently you will notice a vast improvement in your chest immediately. Give it a shot and tell me what you think!

Exercise Warm-ups Sets Reps
Pec-deck fly 2-3 1 Triple drop
Incline Smith press 2 1 Triple drop
Flat dumbbell press 1 1 Rest pause
Stretch (flat fly) 50 seconds to 1 minute

Click Here For A Printable Log Of This Workout!

All reps are done with a true 4-6 second negative (this is a very important aspect that should not be overlooked).