Kris Gethin Vs. Team Grenade, Round 2: DTP Legs And Shoulders Workout

This intense DTP legs and shoulders workout emptied Grenade athlete Richard Elston's stomach. See if you can hold your own ... and your lunch.

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In 2011, Kris Gethin challenged a trio of Grenade athletes to a brutal week of DTP training sessions. In round two of this epic British battle, Kris guides Team Grenade athlete Richard Elston through a punishing legs and shoulders workout.

DTP is no joke, but this session is particularly nasty. It will smoke your fast- and slow-twitch muscle fibers, test your strength, push your endurance to the edge, and leave you breathless. Hell, it left Richard Elston with an empty stomach.

If you think your wheels and delts can handle the pain, watch the video and give this session a shot. Try to keep up with Gethin and Grenade.

Round 2 Shoulders and Legs Smash
Watch The Video - 30:36

Richard Elston

"I hate you."

Kris Gethin

"You're supposed to hate me,
but you'll love me after."

DTP stands for Dynamic Transformation Principle. It's a brutal and exhausting training system that will help you build muscle and increase strength. This particular session comprises two supersets for shoulders and legs.

The shoulder lifts target the front, back, and sides of your deltoids. Using the leg press, you first target your quads and adductors. Then, by moving your foot placement, you specifically stress and target the hamstrings and glutes.

Gethin Inspiration

"Winners complete the last set."
"Pain is pleasure."
"Don't count reps you don't perform correctly."
"This isn't a picnic. This is a feast."

Pick a weight that helps you hit fatigue before the prescribed reps, and then use rest-pause reps to finish each set. You will need a spotter for this workout. Stretch between exercises. Finish all the reps, no matter what it takes.

DTP Legs and Shoulders Smash
Warm-Up Set
Use this set to determine your starting weight.
Widen your stance and move your legs up higher on the pad to target the glutes and hamstrings.

The Devilish Details

  1. If your grip is too narrow on the overhead press, you'll target your triceps more than your shoulders. If your grip is too wide, you may feel too much stress on your front delts or chest.
  2. If you cheat, you will lose a battle with yourself. Go through the prescribed range of motion on every rep. Be tough and carry on. Hit all the reps and finish all the sets.
  3. If you lose form on the upright rows, you may target your traps and front delts when you want to hit the rear and side delts. Keep your form strict.
  4. If you reach failure early in the later sets, then don't increase the weights as significantly as you continue. You still need to reach failure, but not at the start of your set.
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