Don't just "survive" the holiday season; harness the holidays and use them to your fitness advantage! Give thanks for the anabolic powers of extra food, added rest, and increased time to train like a machine. Eat quality calories, push your workouts to the limit, and become a #holidayhulk.

Holiday Muscle Meals

Sure, you eat plenty of Thanksgiving bird to help you bulk, but what about the side dishes? Turn your holiday feast into major gains with these five smart, satisfying sides!

Hearty Protein Cornbread

Warm, homemade cornbread—flakey, buttery, and oh so easy to load up on! This year, try this recipe and pass the cornbread basket around the table a couple of times guilt free. It satisfies your muscles and your appetite!

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Hardcore Holiday Workouts

Make the most of your holiday feast. Get off your glutes, get to the gym, and build some serious muscle with one of these four hardcore leg-training challenges!

The Kill

Two of my early mentors as a teenage bodybuilder were Craig Toth and Mitch Hodge, who introduced me to "the Kill." Don't scoff at the name; the Kill will destroy you. Nearly 10 years later, I still regret taking a couple of clients through this workout. It's a brutal 15-minute session that will sap your legs and leave you breathless.

Harness The Holidays


Grab a training partner, push yourself hard, and make sure every repetition is difficult. This workout won't take very long to perform, but it may take you several days to recover.

Kill workout
Leg Press
6 sets, 15 reps
Hack Squat
3 sets, 12 reps (Triple Dropset)
Seated Leg Curl
3 sets, 12 reps (Triple Dropsets)

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