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The Kill Leg Workout!

A great leg workout is like 10 chest workouts as far as pain and focus are concerned. I know it sounds scary, and maybe right now you're thinking that sweat pants in the summer's not that bad after all.

Big legs, everybody wants 'em but so few are willing to pay the price. What's the price? Time and pain, baby, ain't no way around it. A great leg workout is like 10 chest workouts as far as pain and focus are concerned. I know it sounds scary, and maybe right now you're thinking that sweat pants in the summer's not that bad after all. Well how about I tell you a little secret? One that can cut your leg time in the gym in a quarter maybe even an eighth of the time with better results? Interested? Well like any short cut there is always a price and this price is HIGH. If you have a low pain tolerance or are lazy, quit reading right now and go back to your normal leg day and who knows, you MIGHT get a decent pair of legs someday.

The "Kill" leg workout was not created by me, no not even in my most deprived state of mind would I have concieved such a nasty creature. No, his name is Bernie, an ex-special operations soldier from the Vietnam war. Bernie was one of those guys that they make the most violent and bloody movies about, when you ask him about it he say's "well I could tell ya, but then I'd hafta kill ya", get my point? This is the type of mind the "KILL" was born of.

My partner Craig Toth and myself were in an experimental stage of training where we were ready to explode with growth! I had sworn off my old life of cheating with steroids and was back to training with my old traning partner Craig. Now Craig is a true genetic Super Freak. Craig is about six foot and at 245 has a pair of the freakiest arms around. Easy 21" and lean to boot, but Craigs legs were where he wanted to add them inches! Anyway, we also trained with a guy named Shawn Stipitch, Shawn is now a professional wrestler in the WWF. So both these guys know how to train. Just as a side note "and added deterent to the weak", the first time we put Shawn through the "KILL", I found him an hour later in the locker room on his back. Shawn was no stranger to pain, in fact he was right in the middle of his senior year at Boise State as the starting heavyweight wrestler. (If you have never endured a wrestling practice, thank the Lord right now! Shawn looked up at me and with the sincerest intent asked if any one had ever died from this workout! Well a few times I thought I might. Puking, wheezing, crying, spitting, and unfortunately even cussing has emerged from the intensity of the "KILL". But hey, no death. Seriously if you're not in great shape and have not been working out for several years, this is probably not the workout for you. Ok, Ok, enough build up. Are you ready for the meat?!

Here it is...

15 minutes, that is all this workout will take you to complete. Oh yeah, It HAS to be done with a workout partner and a watch or clock with a second hand is required. Six sets of 15 rep leg presses with 20 seconds rest in between, followed (with 60 seconds rest) with 3 sets of triple drop sets on the hack squat of 12 reps each. One minute rest between each of the 3 sets and one minute of rest after all three are completed then off to the lying leg curl for the same thing, 3 sets of triple drops for 12 reps each. Thats it!! 15 minutes and you are finished with one of the most incredible experiences ever! If you're a little confused afout the breakdown, I'll relive my experience for you so that you can visualize what I've just explained.

(Editor's Note. An example of drop sets: Say that you can do 12 reps using 100 pounds on the bench press. After you do your 12th rep (and you can not possibly do another with that weight) quickly have your partner rip off 20 pounds and then with no rest do as many reps as you can with 80 pounds. That is a normal drop set. For a triple drop set, take off even more weight after you reach failure at 80 pounds. Then do as many reps as you possibly can with 60 pounds. Once you are done with this, you will be in extreme pain and will cry for your mommy.)

One of the "KILL" experiences that I will NEVER forget was after Craig and I had been doing this particular workout for a month or so. I always wanted to go first, I did not want to watch somone else endure this and then have to go next, the anticipation was just too overwhelming. I actually would start to get anxious the night before. Bernie once said that we reminded him of combat soldiers going to action, we had a look of kill or be killed and that is what it seened like. So I had my familiar 6 plates on each side after I had done 3-4 warm up sets. (Now six plates don't seem like much to you gym heros that come 1/4 to 1/2 the way down, pack the leg press out with 14 plates on each side and make sure EVERYONE is looking at you before you begin your amazing, albeit half hearted effort. Look! if you want BIG LEGS check the ego at the front door! Go all the way down! If I dont hear the machine bottom out, I didn't go far enough. You can use the age old "It hurts my knees" excuse but if you lighten up and control the weight you will not hurt your knees and you will gain maximum benefit from your leg workouts. Anyway each of my six sets were done with only 20 seconds rest in between, I never got 15 reps every set, and if you do then the weight is way too light. Usually I got 15 maybe for 3-4 sets then whatever I could get. My partners always helped me with forced reps but when complete momentary muscular failure sets in you're done when you're done!

Next after one minute rest I would stumble to the hack-squat with 3 plates on each side. Again we went all the way down until the machine stopped us and without banging at the bottom or resting at the top we grinded out 12 reps, tore a plate off, 12 more and again. One minute rest and repeat for 3 sets of triple drops, now again, I never got 12 reps in every set and if I would have I knew I was cheating myself out of the maximum benefit of this work out. 60 seconds and the same is done on the lying leg curl. I remember running to the bathroom at Gold's Gym and throwing up six times! I was so dizzy that Shawn had to help Craig get through his sets because I was out! Give it a try! Craig put 4 inches on his legs in a year and even at a body weight of 260 I had freaky cross striations in my thighs. It works but you must do it right with no compromise!

Only a few can say... I survived the "KILL"!

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