Kris Gethin has created half a dozen full training programs and dozens of workouts for, and everyone has their favorite. But many of us inside the walls hold a soft spot deep in our pecs for Kris Gethin's 12-Week Muscle-Building Trainer in particular.

Why this program? In 84 daily videos, it features Kris living a muscle monk's lifestyle in India, barely surviving unfathomable workouts in tiny, obscure gyms, and watching the scale go up every week against all odds. Each day also contains his wonderfully dark and poetic diary entries, if you're strong enough to handle them.

Looking for a place to start? Well, start on Day 1, which launches three solid weeks of Y3T-style training under the tutelage of Neil Hill. From there, you'll train in FST-7, German Volume Training, Dorian Yates-style HIT, and Kris' own DTP Extreme.

Looking for a place to hurt? Load up this weekend and submit yourself to this terrifying back and biceps beatdown from Week 11 of the program. This is going to be an epic battle, so do whatever it takes to get motivated, or take that scoop of pre-workout you've been saving for a special occasion. There's no sense just going through the motions—this workout won't allow it.

Workout Notes

  • Strap up! You don't want the forearms, biceps, and grip to give out before the workout is over. You can still hit failure at 25 reps—just use more weight.
  • Don't rest between exercises. Rest only after you've completed all three exercises in the set. As the weight gets heavier, you can rest a little longer.
  • When doing standing cable curls, take a close grip on the bar so you can hit the outer portion of your biceps.
Day 74: Back, Biceps
Use light weight and stop each set short of failure.
Lat pull-down
2 sets, 10 reps (rest 1 min. )
+ 6 more exercises


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