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The Best Reason Ever To Shape Up!

It was a brutal accident, and Kimberly's life flashed before her eyes. The event put things into perspective. She knew what she had to do for her family and herself.

How One Man Shed 50 Pounds!

Courtney felt unhealthy and suffered from ulcerative colitis, but he hired a trainer and regained his strength. He never lost faith! Read his story, get his plan!

Sculpt Your Body With Iron!

Collegiate volleyball kept Karen's weight in check, but a transition into corporate America spiked her body fat. Get the tools she used to cut 36 pounds and compete!

If He Can Lose 200 Pounds, You Can Shed Your Pouch

Richard's weight peaked at 455 pounds and he couldn't fit into school desks. See how he battled to lose more than 200 pounds of fat and added muscle to his frame!

Get Big Or Die Mirin'

Dustin used college baseball conditioning as a lifting launch pad. See how Steve Cook's "Big Man On Campus" video series helped Dustin build 39 pounds of muscle!

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