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Ashley Horner's Glutes Workout: Maximum Maximus

Ashley Horner is a certified glute-smith. She knows how to craft an incredible backside. Follow her workouts to forge your own iron booty.

If you're like most women—and many men—you want a better butt. You're tired of sitting on pancakes. You want to defy gravity and deny the dreaded droop. In short, you want to build glorious glutes.

Well, you're in luck! I've got the perfect workouts to transform any underdeveloped backside into the owner's best asset.

Ashley Horner's Glutes Workout

Watch The Video - 16:25

Below are two killer workouts you should perform every week. These are tough, so rest 3-4 days between each session. The first workout, detailed in the video above, is built on high speed, high reps, and lighter weight. The second session, below, is built on heavier weight and fewer reps.

Maximum Maximus Workout I

Tips for a Maximum Maximus ///

Supersets: Move from exercise to exercise without resting. Make sure your equipment for both lifts is set up before you begin the superset. I like to train using supersets because they are quick and efficient.

Exercise pairs: I pair box jumps with overhead squats because the jumps engage your fast-twitch muscle fibers and there is no extra load. Your heart rate will skyrocket. I pair squats with lunges because you go from working the entire muscle group to the sides of your glutes.

Get a grip: If your grip or forearms tire, hold on to heavily weighted barbells with lifting straps. This assures you'll finish each set before fatiguing. Make sure to rack your weight before moving on.

Finish firm: You are going to get tired. Your legs and shoulders will get especially tired, but remember to never short-change yourself. If you're going to do a half-set, you might as well not do one at all. If you find that a weight gets too heavy, don't be afraid or embarrassed to lower the weight to finish the set. If you finish, you will get stronger.

Rest and stretch: Sometimes you have to take a short break in the middle of a set. Instead of dropping the weight, just pause for a second. Tell yourself, "I only have x reps to go." If your hamstrings or glutes tighten, take a minute between supersets to stretch the muscles. You will feel tightness in your glutes and where the glutes and hamstrings merge.

Smith machine: I like training on the Smith machine for a few reasons. You can stay in one location in the gym. If it's busy in the gym, you get that Smith machine and stay on it. I also like the machine for safety purposes. It acts as a built-in spotter when you don't have one.

Hand and foot: Use a workout partner for the vertical press and donkey kick to help you rack and un-rack the weight. Your feet will go on the bar, so you will need help. Every time I train with a partner, my workouts are more intense. If you're a beginner, and maybe a little less confident, grab a friend who knows her way around the room. She can show you exercises and tell you when your rest periods end.

Have courage: For the glute bridges, wrap the barbell with a towel for extra cushion against your hip pocket. Bridges are one of the most killer glutes exercises, but a lot of people don't do them because they feel awkward performing the motion in public. Get over it. These are some of the best glute exercises around.

Maximum Maximus Workout II