Eric Velazquez, CSCS


Eric Velazquez, CSCS, is a veteran of several of the fitness industry’s most respected magazine titles. Most recently, he served as editor-in-chief of Muscle & Performance magazine.

Throughout his career, Velazquez has carved a particular niche in the realm of participatory fitness journalism. A former college athlete, Velazquez trained like a boxer with Hall of Fame coach Freddie Roach for 12 weeks, wrestled with UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, and practiced hand-to-hand combat with Army Rangers at Fort Benning, all in the name of providing readers with a more visceral, entertaining brand of service. He spent six weeks embedded in the intense world of CrossFit in 2006, penning one of the first mainstream features on what has become a global fitness phenomenon.

The son-in-law of a thirty-year law enforcement veteran, Velazquez has always had a particular interest in the training programs used by tactical athletes, which often border on the extreme. His Muscle & Fitness story on the workouts employed by instructors at Army Combatives School was nominated for a Maggie Award by the Western Publishing Association in 2009. Velazquez did a three-day media embed aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, in the Gulf of Oman in 2008. In 2013, he profiled the elite officers of the Los Angeles Police Department’s storied Metro Division, whose officers spend the first 90 minutes of each shift in the gym. In this category, he also inked a cover story on Silver Star recipient and former UFC star Brian Stann, a feature on the new Army physical preparedness standards and a closer look at the military-inspired training of SEALFIT.

Velazquez and his wife Wendy live with their two daughters in Southern California.