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[ Q ] Vital Stats:

    Name: Lyzabeth Lopez
    Height: 5'5
    Contest Weight: 117
    Location: Toronto
    Years Competing: I competed in 1999, 2003, 2004, and am presently training for 2005.
    Favorite Body Part: My smile.
    Strongest Body Part: My legs.
    Favorite Supplements: Whey Protein, Udo's Choice ( similar), and L-Glutamine.

[ Q ] How did you get started?

    I've been lifting weights since I was 12 years old. I was pushing 250 on the leg press at 13 years old. I used to go to the YMCA every day and lift weight or do gymnastics. In high school, I was the only girl in the weight room and I used to compete with the guys to see how much I could do on the bench press for my one rep max.


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I started teaching aerobics at 16 and went to college to study fitness and lifestyle management at 18. I began cheerleading for the Argo's and dancing professionally which lead to modeling and swimsuit pageants. I had always wanted to try fitness pageants, so in 1999 I signed up for my first show. After that I took a bit of time off to really train, and came back in 2003. I've been competing ever since. I just love it.

[ Q ] What workout plan worked best for you?

    Heavy weights for upper body and plyometrics and high rep exercises for the lower body. Daily cardio, and abs every other day. I'm a personal trainer so I change my workout all the time to suit my bodies needs.

[ Q ] What is your basic nutrition plan?

    I don't watch calories or carbs for the majority of the year. I eat healthy food all year round, including brown rice, soy or kamut pasta, skinless chicken breasts, lots of fruit and veggies. I get my fat from almonds, avocados, salmon, organic peanut butter, etc. I'm an organic grocery store junkie. I love trying new things all the time.

    I tend to eat the majority of my carbs early in the day with a protein source. Dinner is usually the only meal without a complex carb; I'll have salad or broccoli instead.

    I only drink water or green tea, and I try to drink as much as I can. I get really strict on my eating three months out of a show.

[ Q ] What supplements have given you the greatest gains?

    I've been taking protein powder for around nine years now. I feel it is the best supplement if you are unable to cook as many protein meals as you need a day like me. I have one or two a day.

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    I also love my multivitamin and my green drink. I feel these three supplements are great for my body all year long. I would recommend them to everyone.

[ Q ] Why do you love fitness?

    Fitness has always been a part of my life. I started reading Muscle and Fitness and Musclemag when I was 12. I still have my first fitness books: "Getting Stronger", and Rachel McLeish's book, "Pumping Iron". (I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world).

    Fitness makes me happy; I love the feeling I have after a good workout. I love the feeling of accomplishment on the day of a fitness show, and I love helping other people to reach their fitness goals. I love fitness for all of these reasons and more.

[ Q ] What are your future fitness plans?

    I've always loved spreading the word of fitness and helping others learn about how to be healthy. One of my future goals would be to write a book on getting and staying healthy and fit.

    It's always been a dream of mine to be a major name in fitness like Monica Brant and I would love to be a cover model for Oxygen Magazine; it's my favorite magazine.

[ Q ] Tell us about competing with World Natural Sports.

    I competed in my first show with WNSO in 1999, the Central Canadian Championships at Harbord Collegiate. I competed in the Fitness Competition and Fitness Model Search. I remember being so nervous and not knowing what to eat on the day of the show, so I ate nothing at all, and ended up very flat.

    I had thrown together a fitness routine and used my pom poms from my cheerleading routine. I don't have a video to look back on, but it was a real eye opener. I placed 3rd in fitness and 1st in the model search, (but the shows were smaller back then). It was a real learning experience.

    I took some time off after that show and came back very strong at the 2003 FAME World Championships. I trained really hard for four months, created a fun routine with professional music, a custom-made costume etc. and place 2nd in the fitness competition and 4th in the model search out of 135 beautiful woman.

    It is such a wonderful memory. The show ran smoothly, and I had a blast. I came back in the 2004 FAME fitness model search and placed 12th out of 230 women. Although that is a good placing, I know that I can do better than that this year. I am presently training for the 2005 FAME PRO Model Search and I am putting 110% into everything I'm doing. I can't wait for the BIG day; it's going to be a great show.

    WNSO's shows have come a long way and I am proud to have been there from the beginning.

[ Q ] What have you found different about World Natural Sports compared to other events you may have competed in?

    I have competed in a lot of swimsuit pageants and I was always the most noticeably muscular woman, sometimes it worked for me, and sometimes it didn't. I always placed in the top 5, and won quite a few shows, but it's just not the same as competing for WNSO.

    With a fitness show, there is so much that goes into it and you really get a chance to learn about your body, yourself, your motivation and your discipline. No matter how you place, on the day of your show, you have such a sense of pride of what you have achieved. It's an amazing feeling.

[ Q ] What one tip would you give other fitness competitors?

    Take pictures on the day of the show and buy the video. You'll always want to have the memories of each and every show you do.

[ Q ] Who are your favorite fitness competitors/bodybuilders?

    That's all I can think of right now.

[ Q ] Who do you see as your closest rival to taking the overall title and what strategy do you plan on implementing?

    I don't see anyone as a rival. I believe that anyone can win this new pro category with enough drive and dedication. My strategy is to give everything I do 110% effort so that at the end of the day, I can feel good about the outcome, after that, it's all up to the judges.

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