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Maggie Diubaldo Profile

I was born in Hamilton, Ontario, a city west of Toronto, and have lived in Ontario all my life. I have been fortunate enough to have parents that love to travel so they took my sister and me for vacations to many different destinations around the world. I still love traveling and dream of visiting different countries… but there is no home like Canada!

I have a post secondary education and I work in health care. In an effort to expand my interests, I decide to take up my passion as a career and began personal training this year.

I love helping others to achieve the goals that they desire regarding their body and self esteem.

What Are Your Goals?
>Lose Fat
>Improve Energy

As a child I was quite hyper-active and my poor mom would have to scrape me off the ceiling each night before bed. Unfortunately, attempts to enroll me in different sports/activities to channel all my energy were futile as I had loyalties to Barbie.

Finally, my sister convinced me to join a synchronized swimming team and I spent most of my elementary school years training in the pool. As I entered High School, my focus, as with most teenagers, changed from Barbie to Boys… so the best way to be noticed was with cheerleading!

Throughout my high school career, I ran track, skied, and was introduced to the weight room during physical education. I can clearly remember all the girls being VERY impressed by the chest fly machine as soon as the teacher told us it would make our chests bigger. Needless to say, there was a line up of thirteen year old girls trying to use that particular piece of equipment.

As I headed into my twenties, I became determined to try all that I had missed out on. I now avidly snowboard in the winter and practice yoga regularly. I have also flirted with ballet, belly dancing, gymnastics, kayaking, recreational volleyball, and soccer.

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Although I dabbled in weight training for many years, I didn't really develop a passion for lifting until I met my husband. He has taught me almost everything I know about effective training and has helped to transform my body to what it is today.

Shortly after I began training, I started to become interested in fitness competitions and modeling. I attended as many shows as possible and became an enthusiastic reader of almost every fitness magazine known to man. I secretly wished that I could be one of the beautiful girls on stage and/or in the magazines.

Finally, after four years in the gym, I felt that it was time to give up the chocolate and get ready to compete. I knew that I needed to take my training to another level, so I decided to hire a personal trainer and focus more on my weak points. I have managed to add quite a bit of muscle and sculpt my physique.

My first year I competed in the FAME Fitness Model category due to my lack of formal gymnastics training and continued in this rewarding division competing in 7 shows in 7 months. It was a very successful year that allowed me to grow as a person both emotionally and mentally, and as an athlete/business woman.

It seems as if I was on a crash course learning about the fitness world, but I hardly had time to stop and think about what was happening - or get cold feet. In the end I can look back on 2003 as an extremely rewarding year filled with many amazing new friends, multiple fitness magazine exposures, new occupations, an amazing web presence and a new and more focused individual.

In 2004 I decided not to compete but move forward in other directions such as acting/modeling while continue to maintain and develop new relationships in fitness. This year is coming to a close but all is not lost as it has given me time to sit back reflect on the life that has been built while I decide on the ventures of 2005.

I adamantly refuse to be someone that looks back and says, if only I... Margaret Diubaldo is a professional Fitness Model having attained the overall title at the FAME International Event in 2003.

Margaret's Stats & Competition History

Vital Stats:

      Height: 5'9"

      Weight: 133-140

      Hair: Brown

      Eyes: Blue

      Stats: 35.24.36

      Shoe: 9.5

    Location: Toronto Ontario, Canada


  • Fitness Model - 2003-2004
  • Personal Trainer - 2003-2004
  • Medical Radiographic Technologist - 1999-2004
  • Developmental Care Worker - 1994-1999


  • Molson Ultra Television Commercial (SOC Principal) - 2004
  • Breakfast Television on City TV - May 2004
  • Perfectly Fit on City TV - August 2004


  • Model for promotional Ad for Xegotek - April 2003
  • Oxygen Magazine-Short on Time - September 2003
  • Oxygen Magazine-FAME special contest update - September 2003
  • Muscularity Magazine Cover and article - September 2003
  • Oxygen Magazine-Tone up for your First Competition - November 2003
  • Canada's Healthy Living Guide - November 2003
  • Canada's Healthy Living Guide - January 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine-Letter to the editor - February 2004
  • Model for promotional Ad for Unilock - February 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine - Cover--April 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine - Star Beauty Profile--May 2004
  • Hamilton Spectator - Oxygen High--May 4 2004
  • Toronto Sun - Beauty and Brawn--May 31 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine - Advertisement--June 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine - Blab--June 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine - Maximum Exposure--June 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine - Pro's Point of View--June 2004
  • American Health and Fitness - Best Bodies Ever--June 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine -Letter to the Editor--July 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine -Back to Basics--July 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine -A Healthy Afair--July 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine -Candid Cover Girls--August 2004
  • Oxygen Magazine - Resolve to Evolve--October 2004
  • Nautilus Advertising Campaign - September 2004

Speaking Engagements/Sponsorship:

  • Competition Consultant - 2004
  • Lululemon Athletica Ambassador - 2004
  • Presentation at the "Love Yourself" event at Lululemon - February 2004
  • Keynote Speaker at FAME 2004 - May 2004
  • Judge at FAME 2004 - May 2004

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