Super HD Hollywood Abs: 10 Celebrity 6-packs

Here’s our countdown of 10 of the best celebrity 6-packs, along with the pro tips you need to sculpt your own silver-screen-worthy stomach.

Sexy celebrity stomachs have been known to generate as much buzz as three beehives attached to a lightning rod. Now that everything is filmed in unsparing HD, celebs have had to bring even more definition to their much-adored midsections.

These 10 stars are equipped with solid 6-packs. Together, they showcase at least 60 awesome abdominals, and every single ab pops in 1080p. Carving a set of your own high-def abdominals? Look no further than these pro tips.

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PRO TIP: Beat Stress

Want a life-long sexy stomach like Gwen Stefani?

Try Pilates for excellent all-around core work that will also boost your flexibility and reduce your stress.


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Add intervals to your cardio for an increased fat-burning effect.

Try cycling, jumping rope, or sprinting for 6-10 intervals of 30 seconds each for your workout.

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PRO TIP: Creative Cardio

Alternative activities such as dancing, shaking one's booty, and busting various moves can give you a great cardio and core workout.

Don't limit your training to the gym!

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PRO TIP: Total Package

Don't forget to train all areas of your stomach!

Most people only think about their six-packs, forgetting about their lower abs, obliques and underlying support structures.

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PRO TIP: Eat for Abs

Abs are made in the kitchen, and Rihanna has the recipe.

Getting a six-pack takes dedication to a clean nutrition plan.


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PRO TIP: Push Harder

Your abs are like any other muscle: If you want good results, you are going to have to push yourself.

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PRO TIP: Combo Breaker

A good combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercise is ideal for developing that washboard stomach.

Resistance training helps boost your metabolism over the long term, while cardio will help you burn more fat and calories during exercise.

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PRO TIP: Pop a Wheelie

Ab wheel rollouts are one of the best ab movements around.

Add 'em to your routine. Also, you should do some variation of planks every day.

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PRO TIP: Go Green

Green tea is an amazing natural fat burner.

It's loaded with antioxidants, supports your energy levels, and may even help you burn extra blubber.

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PRO TIP: Resist

Once you've torched the top layer of body fat, use weighted crunches to carve deep etches in your abs.

Bust out some cable bends to build a celebrity stomach like Becks.

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