Extra! Extra! Try Mario Lopez' Rapid-Fire Dumbbell Workout

Mario Lopez hosts E!’s flagship program Extra, so he goes everywhere that’s anywhere in Hollywood. He is so busy he even has to schedule a date with the dumbbells.

Extra! Extra! Try Mario Lopez' Rapid-Fire Dumbbell Workout

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We all live hectic lives and struggle to carve out workout time.

But try living a life of red carpets and awards shows, beauty pageants, book signings and guest spots; try being a member of the paparazzi and a subject of its probing lens.

It may not be doing 9-to-5 in a coal mine, but it is hard work being Mario Lopez.

Yet he still finds time for his workouts, and his body offers Exhibit A-List. Which made us wonder: How does a guy this pressed for time look that good?

He not only told us his super-efficient workout secrets - he let us videotape him performing them. Talk about extra.

"These types of workouts are perfect when you don't have time," Lopez said. "For example, if you want to get that V and nice back going when you're going shirtless at the beach, the dumbbell bent-over row is your exercise."

Whether you are a student back in school, or just an Average Joe or Jane strapped for time, this plan works nearly everywhere: in your dorm room, in the garage or out in the quad. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and the willingness to break a sweat.

This is a 3-round circuit training workout comprising 4 simple exercises, each 8-to-12 reps. You are in a hurry, so there is little to no rest between the circuit rounds. Use this and you too can get ripped, and perhaps take a dance with a star.

Mario Lopez Rapid Fire Results

Watch The Video - 5:10

Full-body circuit: 3 rounds

Rest 3-to-5 minutes and then repeat the circuit. Complete 3 circuits.

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