Hollywood 6-Pack: Mario Lopez's Celebrity Ab Circuit!

This super-circuit has 4 amazing exercises and is brought to you by Mario Lopez, one of TV’s hottest hosts!

Hollywood 6-Pack

Everybody remembers the uber-hot A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell. Shoot, that was like 20 years ago, but if you're wondering if Mario Lopez still has it, the answer is most definitely YES.

As the hunky host of entertainment news giant Extra, author of the groundbreaking health-and-fitness book Extra Lean Family, and a dedicated fit family man, Mario's abdominal workout is perfect for building a stomach the neighbors will want to wash their clothes on.

"Super" Mario has managed to maintain a fit body worthy of a Calvin Klein underwear ad, but giant mushrooms and fire flowers aren't the secret to this guy's tight midsection. Lopez uses four circuited exercises to build full, toned abs in a jiffy, and he's here to give this super abdominal power-up to you for FREE.

So say "goodbye" to teen drama and say "hello" to shirtless satisfaction with an abs program that would make Principal Belding beam with pride.

Mario Lopez's Celebrity Ab Circuit
Watch The Video - 5:42

The Super Mario Abs Workout
Ab Circuit: 3 rounds
Hanging Leg Raise Hanging Leg Raise Hanging Leg Raise
1 set to failure
Hanging Leg Raise Hanging Leg Raise Decline Weighted Crunch
1 set of 15-20 reps
Hanging Leg Raise Hanging Leg Raise Double Crunch
1 set of 15-20 reps
Hanging Leg Raise Hanging Leg Raise Cable Wood Chops
1 set of 15-20 reps

Rest for 3-5 min between rounds.

Tips & Tricks

Extra Lean Family
Hanging Leg Raise

Targeted Area: Lower Abdominals

Rep Range: To Failure


    • Do not swing your body.

    • Keep your legs nice and straight.

    • Try holding your legs up for a count of 2 at the top of each rep.

Decline Weighted Crunch

Targeted Area: Upper Abdominals

Rep Range: 15-20


    • Try twisting your torso at the top of the rep.

    • If you don't like using plates or dumbbells for added weight, try using cables.

    • Lifting with a partner allows you to easily transfer or drop weight when needed.

    • Try doing a drop set on this exercise.

Double Crunch

Targeted Area: Upper and Lower Abdominals

Rep Range: To Failure


    • Start off with your feet 6 inches off the ground and bent at a 90 degree angle, with your arms straight out behind your head.

    • Bring your knees and arms to your chest as you perform the crunch - your body should move like an accordion.

Cable Wood Chops

Targeted Area: Upper and Lower Abdominals, Obliques, and Core

Rep Range: 15-20 reps


    • Use a wide bent stance for balance and abs isolation.

    • "Chop" diagonally across your body from shoulder height to knee height.

    • Stick your butt out, and keep your abs flexed.

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