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Roadwork: The Kettlebell Way!

Roadwork is a brutal form of training that separates the real men from the girly men. Learn what it is and how to use this as your cardio!

Ask any professional fighter what one of the best ways to get in shape for a fight is and he or she will probably say "roadwork." No "roadwork" is not doing construction maintenance on the highway or picking up trash. "Roadwork" is a brutal form of training that separates the real men from the "girly" men.

What Is "Roadwork"?

Double Kettlebell Snatch

Traditionally, "roadwork" is done with bodyweight exercises. What you do is go for a jog and instead of just jogging several miles and letting your mind wonder off aimlessly, every 100 yards are so you stop and do some pushups, squats, sit-ups, or any other bodyweight drill.

If you pass by a chin up bar, you can knock off a few reps as well. While this is an effective way to train for muscular endurance and cardio, an even more brutal method is "roadwork" with weights. One way to do roadwork with weights is to take two kettlebells or dumbbells to the track.

Place one kettlebell on one side of the track and another kettlebell on the other side. Every time you pass the kettlebell, stop and do ten snatches or swings with each arm and then start running again. No breaks, no rest, just pure blood sweat tears and determination. Does not sound like it is that hard right? I guarantee that 2-3 rounds will rock you in the beginning.

Now, if you have high blood pressure or any heart problems, clear this brutal form of training with your physician first. I don't want any law suits against me when you have a heart attack on the field.

Also, make sure to use a relatively light kettlebell in the beginning. Take a kettlebell that you can snatch or swing 20 times without killing yourself and do ten reps with "roadwork." Even if you are not a competitive fighter, "roadwork" is a great way to lose fat and take care of your cardio and muscular endurance in one session. Feel free to vary the exercises as well. Here are a few sample programs:

Roadwork Plan A

Roadwork Plan B

Start off by doing "roadwork" 1-2 times a week. If you want to lose fat fast, build up to three times a week as soon as possible. When you can run two miles with "roadwork", you will be a lean mean fighting machine that is unstoppable. Remember to have fun with "roadwork" and feel free to get creative.