New Year's Super Feature - Competition Prep, Female, Beginner.

New Year's Super Feature - Competition Prep, Female, Beginner.

New Year's Super Feature - Competition Prep, Female, Beginner.

Welcome to the Short Term & Long Term Motivational Super Feature. Inside we will give you all the tools to find your motivation from within. Whether your motivation has faded or you had none to start with, we will help you get started on the road to success here.

1. Where To Start

"What's my motivation?" Learn the basics about what motivation actually is and how it affects you.

Beginning Motivation Articles:

  • Staying On Track.
  • Spice Up Your Workout!
  • Motivation: What's That?
  • Choosing The Right Role Model!
  • Finding Your Motivation!
  • Get Psyched: How To Get Motivated!
  • Top 10 Shallow
    Reasons To Workout.

    In this article I will teach you what works for me... and most of the people I know.
    101 Ways To Get
    Motivated Right Now!

    Learning what uniquely motivates you is what will make you successful in your weight loss or weight gain journey.

    2. Long Term Motivation

    Most people can be motivated for a few weeks or a month. How do you stick to your workout and diet plan over the long-term? That is the key to true bodybuilding and fitness success! Learn the secrets here.

    Long Term Motivation Articles

  • Get Motivated, Stay Motivated!
  • Keep Yourself Motivated At The Gym.
  • How To Stay Motivated!
  • You Can Do It! Making It Through Cardio.

  • Break The Monotony!
    Your motivation is dwindling. What is the problem? Here are 5 examples of areas you can easily re-evaluate and improve!
    Stay Motivated & Succeed.
    Everyone will have their own methods to keep focused and determined, but there are a few factors that are common to most people.

    3. Short Term Motivation

    Okay, so you are usually pretty motivated and you have been sticking with your plan over the long-term. Well, how do you get your butt off the couch right NOW? It's gym time and you need to get moving! Learn how to turn the television off right now.

    Short Term Motivation Articles:

  • Motivation: How To Achieve Your Goals.
  • The Winning Mind Set Of The Week.
  • Crank Up Your Productivity!
  • Video Motivation.
  • Establishing A Set Point.
  • Motivation For A Long & Healthy Life!
  • 1 Month To Change.
    Here is a four week strategy plan that you can use to pick up or break a habit. It will ease you in with little discomfort.
    Inspiration: From Where?
    No matter how enlightened we become, we still face the realities of life. In bodybuilding, you have your body, mind and spirit.

    4. More Motivation Help

    Get the accessories to keep you motivated here. Motivational videos, podcasts, wallpapers, backgrounds and much more...

    Video Shows:

    The Brit Show (More Episodes)
    Click Play To Start The Video,
    Or Download Below:
    Windows Media
    Motivational Videos:

  • Idrise Prepares For Europa.
  • John Berry's Fullbody Workout.
  • Milos' Hardcore Training.
  • John Berry's Chest Workout.
  • Biceps W/ Jerome Fergusson!
  • The Fit Show.
    Chapman Media Group and bring you the first ever Bodybuilding and Fitness program on the web.
    The Brit Show.
    Here we introduce you to John Berry. This British bodybuilder will bring you week-to-week updates on his first natural bodybuilding competition.


    Awesome Muscles Motivation Podcast Awesome Muscles Motivation Podcast.
    Dan Gastelu speaks on the special topic of motivation. Learn how to turn your dreams and goals into reality!
    The O Show Motivation Podcast The "O" Show
    Motivation Podcast.

    Walt and Gina Ostarly discuss motivation, eating and nutrition tips, share training stories, and introduce their new podcast!

    Marc David Motivation Podcast Uncensored Secrets Motivation Podcast.
    There are numerous little tricks and tips to help keep yourself motivated. Try some of these and keep your motivation level up!
    Viva La Fitness Motivation Podcast Viva La Fitness
    Motivation Podcast.

    Maria Kang and Louis Dorman discuss looking great naked, competitive personality types, and then get into a fight toward the end of the show.

  • Performance Nutrition Show: Motivation Tips (With P. Scatturo & A. Shao!)

  • Wallpapers:

    Derek Charlebois

    Derek Charlebois.

    Ronnie Coleman

    Ronnie Coleman.

    Ginger Redeker!

    Ginger Redeker.

    Omar Deckard

    Omar Deckard.

    Amelia Ross!

    Amelia Ross.

    Abs (Self-Portrait)

    Abs (Self-Portrait).

    Download These Wallpapers Here.

    MySpace Layout/Backgrounds: MySpace Layouts

    "Bicep Curl" MySpace Layouts

    "Six-Pack Dark"

    Download MySpace Layouts & Backgrounds Here.


    Find people right next door or around the world with goals and interests similar to your own!

    Start Your Own BodySpace Account For Free Here.

    Photo Gallery:

    Check out thousands of pictures of fitness enthusiasts just like you! Or upload your own and send and receive comments on them.

    View Thousands Of Pictures Or Post Your Own Here.


    Bodybuilding Videos.
    Not sure what kind of video you want? Maybe you just like to browse? Contest videos, posing, training, pro videos and more.
    Energy Supplements.
    Get the supplements you need to stay motivated longer. Or if you do not have any motivation, take something now to get some!

    Next Month's Super Feature Will Be...

    The Olympia Weekend!