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Motivation 101!

When you have to scramble for excuses for not going to the gym, then it's time to grab yourself by the ear and pull yourself to the gym!

Do you sometimes catch yourself sitting really comfortably in the couch, thinking: "What if I would skip the gym today...", often followed by the conjuring of some lame excuse like, "Didn't my throat feel a little raw this morning?" or "My elbow joint felt a little funny last week... Perhaps I better give it one more day of rest, to make sure I don't injure myself.".

This is easy to slip in to, especially when it's cold outside and there's a good show on TV. I think everybody gets the impulse to lazy from time to time. However, it's also a loser way of thinking that - if allowed to go unchecked - can quickly undermine your every goal!

Now, don't get me wrong - there ARE times when it's wise to back off. If you're feverish, have the beginning of an injury, or any other real medical reason, by all means, stay home! However, it's when you have to scramble for excuses that it's time to grab yourself by the ear and pull yourself to the gym.

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Rule #1 - Just Do It!
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Regardless of what you think at the time, just pack the bag and go to the gym. Just get there. Even if you're sure that you'll just sit there on a bench, sulking about missing your TV show - do it anyway. In 99 cases out of 100 something strange happens by the time you've changed and walked into the gym: You're motivated!

Motivation: Do You Have It?
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I'm guessing that we all have different triggers - whether it's seeing your own beer-belly in the mirror, thinking about the hot babe or hunk who happens to be there at the same time, or simply good ol' maschosism combined with the smell of iron (not uncommon in bodybuilding circuits), it really doesn't matter.

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Triggers For Motivation.

Even with the initial intent of doing a minimal workout, you almost always end up doing a pretty good job in exhausting yourself anyway. And hey... You'll feel much better afterwards!

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Rule #2 - Just Eat It!
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There is an exception to the first rule, and that is if you croak after 15 minutes thanks to a sudden drop on energy levels, aka. "Hitting the Wall". This is very de-motivating. The culprit here is often that you screwed up planning the meals prior to the workout.

If you've ever tried working out on an empty stomach in the morning, you know that it's not the time to set any new personal records. You've probably also noticed that the plates somehow got heavier since last time (I heard a guy claim it was because they absorbed moisture from the air, like a sponge. He's not a physics major by the way). The weakness you experience here is simply because your energy reserves are low.

Do You Ever Work Out On An Empty Stomach?

I'm Stopping Now!

The pre-workout meals work the same way - if you haven't had anything to eat since lunch, don't count on being too successful in the gym at 6 pm, especially if the lunch was a salad and a plain sandwich on white bread! As a rule of thumb, try to load up on carbs (pasta, rice, oatmeal, potatoes, rough bread) the meals before the workout, and top it off by a small snack about an hour before the actual workout. This will ensure that you're loaded with all the energy you need throughout the workout.

(On a side note, this carb-loading is not recommended when you try to diet down, but if you're looking to add some serious mass - this is one of the best ways to make it happen!)

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Rule #3 - Challenge Thyself!
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One of the key elements of success is to set up measurable goals, and to keep raising the bar so that you are constantly challenged. This principle lends itself very well to bodybuilding. Measure yourself, and set a goal that you will have increased the measurement by 1/2 inch in a month from today. Or measure your waist and try to decrease it with 1/2 inch per week. Or challenge yourself to do to 10 reps with 20 lbs extra on the bar when doing squats next time. Your imagination is your limit.

If you have a training partner, make a bet. I suggest putting more honor than money at stake though, to ensure that things don't turn sour (like: "Who pays for the protein drinks after the workout?"). Keep in mind that you're probably not perfectly equal as far as strength and endurance goes, so reach an agreement on what's reasonable for both parties. What's the point of a fixed game?

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Use The Motivation Of A Training Partner.

The last word is one of caution: While you should be focused on the challenge at hand, don't go crazy and sacrifice health or compromise your form just to reach the goal.

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What's the point of reaching the short-term goal in arm development, if it also meant that you injured a joint that will make you take two steps back for the one step you took forward?