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Choosing The Right Role Models For You!

In bodybuilding especially having good role models is very important in the trainees quest for new muscle. Role models are an important source of inspiration and information.

Throughout the years the subject of role models has been written about extensively. It is a subject closely linked with motivation and therefore is often covered in most self-help books. In bodybuilding especially having good role models is very important in the trainees quest for new muscle. Role models are an important source of inspiration and information.

Also, by following their example they give you the motivation to keep going when times gets tough. They serve as a guide, showing you the path of what needs to be done in order to be successful. There is no doubt about it that the correct role model can help you reach your goals in a quicker and more efficient manner. There are further benefits of a good role model such as:

Learning From Their Successes And Failures

You get to learn from their trials and errors. Your role model is where you want to be and at one stage they were just where you are now. On the way to achieving their success they must have encountered setbacks and failures, yet they kept on going. Through researching more into their background, you can find out what muscle building strategies worked for them and those that didn't.

This allows you to save time and be on the most productive path possible. Lee Haney used to say "don't try to re-invent the wheel". A good role model means that you don't have to.

A Sense Of Perspective

It is human nature to want to achieve success yesterday. Most people are impatient and want to see improvement constantly, if they do not they can get discouraged and either slack off the effort put in towards reaching their goal, or give up all together. By realizing how long it took your role model to get where they are now will show you how long attaining targets can take. I know that there will always be some people who achieved success over night, such as Shawn Ray, Arnold and Flex Wheeler.

However, there are always others for whom it took more time for instance Ronnie Coleman, who went from placing last in his first Olympia to winning the whole thing six years later! From this you can learn that success takes time and that often the journey is the most exciting part, so be patient.

Knowledge Of The Dedication Required For Success

Role models lets you see what they have to go through in order to be the elite. This gives you an insight to the level of dedication and year long focus needed to make their dreams a reality. This can help you to either jump start your dedication to your training and diet. Or if you feel that you're already at a high standard of discipline to make sure that you don't get into a comfort zone and become slack in striving for constant improvements.

You can have different role models for different reasons and different areas of your life such as business, social as well as bodybuilding. To effectively find your appropriate role model write down your goals, short term as well as long term targets. From this you can find successful people who have achieved the success that you desire.

Study up on that person and you will have a map that will guide you to attaining your goals. This is when it is important to make sure that the role models you choose are right for you. I have many role models, below are a couple of them and my reasons why.


Arnold is a huge icon for most bodybuilders. His amazing physique and the huge level of success he achieves in anything he does makes him an easy choice for modeling yourself after. When I first started training I was such a fan of Arnold's that I would follow his training routine and diet plans. Trying to emulate what he did, I would do high volume training hitting each body part with loads of exercises and sets.

However, this was a mistake as this type of training is not right for me. Not having his genetics and being natural meant that I got little progress from modeling my training after his. Nevertheless, I still view Arnold as a role model, not his training but his mental power. I find his huge self-belief, constant ambition and drive a huge motivating factor that I can use in areas of my life too. Not to mention looking at the old black and white photos of him training to get me fired up pre-workout.


I'm a huge fan of Dorian Yates, and find him an excellent role model to have. I think his book 'Blood & Guts' is the best training book ever. It completely changed the way I approached bodybuilding. His never say die attitude and his pure drive and determination was outstanding.

To think that an unknown bodybuilder from Birmingham, England could win become Mr. Olympia after competing as a pro for just two years is very inspiring. Showing that you can achieve your dreams no matter where you begin your journey. His training style was something I felt I could follow and made really good sense to me.

I find his strength of character one of his best attributes, he was always confident enough to follow his own beliefs and not listen to others. In the early 90's when people where training still with high volume style like Lee Haney used, Dorian happily just did what he knew worked for him and won 6 Olympia's along the way!


Being natural I find Skip La Cour a brilliant person to model myself after. His physique is unbelievable. It really gives me a huge boost when I see what muscle size can be achieved drug free, and not to mention his strength levels. I know that Ronnie Coleman would smash his lifts, however it really makes me realize that all my present best lifts need huge improvements if I want to be Skip's size in the future.

It helps to break down the barriers as to what you perceive can be achieved naturally, and stops you making excuses and get down to work. From reading about his training, diet and mental strategies it becomes clear what is needed to reach his level. Year long consistency, constantly striving for new heights, and tapping into the power of the mind for constant improvements. He has just turned 40 and recently won the biggest natural show in America, states the Team Universe, in his best ever condition!

Hopefully from reading this article it will help you to carefully select the best role models for you. Those that will inspire you to become you best and give you the determination to continue shooting for you goal regardless of any setbacks you might face on the way. When you do choose your role models, refer to them often, either by reading their books, watching their videos or having pictures of your walls or in your training diary. These will serve as motivating factors and push you to new limits.

All the best,