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Do you feel a lack of motivation is bringing down your workouts? Well then you need to get motivated! Get a few ideas right here that can help get that extreme workout completed as if it were the last thing you would ever do.

Recall your early months of training, or a few workouts that were memorable because you trained with someone who really pushed you to your limit.

Compare them with your workouts of this week. Are you bristling with the same enthusiasm? Are you fired up? Are you training like there's no tomorrow? Are you full of passion, while training in a disciplined way?

Do You Train With Passion At Every Workout?


Enthusiasm For The Sport

If you're a sports fan, you probably get highly charged up when you're rooting for one side during a big game. Maybe you play along as an imaginary team member.

If you do, I'll wager you play with a super level of enthusiasm, and probably achievement too--perhaps scoring the winning goal, home run or touch-down, for example. That is the degree of enthusiasm, energy and commitment you need in your workouts.


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Especially if you've been training for a few years, it's easy to get in a rut. Even very serious trainees, at least some of the time, go through the motions to some degree, and fail to make the most of each never-to-be-had-again opportunity to make progress. You can't turn back the clock to put a poor workout right.

Disciplined Passion

Challenge yourself to give your best every single workout--not just passion per se, but disciplined passion. Passion with no discipline is a recipe for ruin. Bravado that leads to taking liberties with form, exposes you to a high risk of injury, and is reckless. You can't progress if you're injured.

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Challenge Yourself To Give
Your Best At Every Workout.

Imaginary Scenarios

Create imaginary scenarios to help charge you up for your work sets. Perhaps create life-or-death scenarios where you must deliver superb workouts in order to survive. Or put yourself in imaginary sporting situations that take you to new heights of enthusiasm.

Bring the situations to vivid life in your head. Feel the extreme level of passion that someone must feel when making a winning score in the Rugby World Cup, American Super Bowl, or English F. A. Cup, for example. Hold that passion and energy for each work set.


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Create a multitude of different scenarios, and play one of them for a given work set. Different scenarios will be more suited to certain exercises than others. Play whatever mental games you need, to crank up your effort and commitment levels, and make each work set count.

Even if you don't think you've been going through the motions in your training, if you were to compare your current level of effort to what you would do under extreme passion and urgency, you'd find that you're a rep or few short in every work set.


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Training is too wonderful an activity, and life is too short, to be able to afford any "going through the motions" workouts. From your very next training session, train as if each workout will be your last.

Train as if you're a condemned man waiting for the gallows, but knowing that a great workout will give you a further few days of grace; and then produce a great workout again and again and again. A few months of this and you'll experience some of the best gains of your life. And that will psyche you up even more--nothing succeeds like success.