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Change It Up And Break The Monotony!

Your motivation is dwindling & you start missing workouts or cardio sessions. What is the problem? I've listed 5 examples of areas you can easily re-evaluate and improve! Try them and see...

Are you feeling a little blue & not as spunky or energetic lately? Everything seems to be boring and un-interesting...

Your motivation is dwindling & you start missing workouts or cardio sessions. Possibly missing out on some fun get-togethers with your friends or family. Then all of sudden a few weeks have gone by and you still haven't kicked your dreary mood.

Change, Is It In You? Change, Is It In You?
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I think we all have this experience at one time or another. Well, when it gets to that point, it's time to Change It Up! Add a little spice & spunk back into your daily regimen and do something a little different and break away from the monotony!

Change It Up!

Here are 5 examples of areas in a daily regimen that can be re-evaluated & find ways to... Change It Up!

First, start off with getting a journal or notebook (something colorful, or a cool design on the front) to write down the following areas to modify. Or write down a few of your own that you think need revamping. Every few months, you can go back and change it up some more!

     1. Training & Cardio

    1. Try changing the order of your workout schedule during the week.

    2. Change the type of your exercises every 3 weeks.

    3. Keep your muscles guessing, remember they get used to the same exercises and the same weight used after awhile.

    4. Mix a new music CD or some iPod tunes for your cardio sessions to keep the intensity up.

    5. Try mixing up your cardio by changing machines half way through your cardio session.

    6. Is it nice outside? Grab a friend & go for a jog, take a brisk walk, or run stairs outside instead.

    7. Buy yourself a new workout outfit; give yourself something to look forward to!

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     2. Nutrition

    1. Keep a balanced, healthy diet.

    2. Is your nutrition is off? It can affect your energy and mood.

    3. Try adding some new spices to your meals to change the flavor, or try a new fat-free or reduced calorie salad dressing like "Light Done Right!" by Kraft - make your own!

    4. Replace one of your meals with a new and healthy meal you haven't tried before.

    5. Make sure you are taking a daily multi-vitamin & mineral.

    6. Drink enough water for your activity level.

    7. Oxygen Magazine has some great ideas on meals & snacks that are healthy and easy to make. (Consult your doctor before trying any new nutritional or supplementation program.)

Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants! Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants!
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     3. Appearance

    It's summertime! Looking good can help you feel mentally good! Got a tan?

    1. Ready for a new hairstyle or hair color or even a new hair clip? There are so many fun looks for your locks! Grab a magazine for ideas!

    2. Looking for that summer bronze skin tone? If you're not crazy about tanning beds, there is always the option to use a self-tanner or spray booth. Desert Sun Tanning Salons have many options.

    3. A new lip gloss or a yummy-smelling body lotion or body spray can always help to spice things up! (Victoria's Secret or Bath & Body Works have some tasty options).

    4. Don't forget your nails! Nails & toes especially in the summer need some care too!

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     4. Motivation With Setting A Goal Or Special Occasion

    1. Set a 6-week health or fitness goal that you would like to reach by a certain date. Log it on your calendar & write out your plan in your journal to keep you motivated.

    2. Then plan a reward for after you have reached your goal.

    3. Plan a mini-vacation or a special occasion to celebrate that you can look forward to, so you will stay on track with your nutrition & training schedule.

    4. Plan a fun activity with friends or family.

    5. Always have some type of fun occasion or goal planned every 6-12 weeks so you can stay motivated.

    6. Help someone else with some goal ideas to keep your ideas fresh.

    7. Do you want to take it to the next level and compete in a Fitness/Figure or Bodybuilding competition? Pick a show and start planning in advance. has some great resources to help you get started.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

Is Your Goal Not Listed?
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     5. Time Out & Less Stressed

    This pretty much goes right along with the previous 4 areas.

    1. Are you taking time out to do things you need for yourself?

    2. Some stress relievers like reading a book, a walk outside, yoga, journaling, a massage, or even grabbing a friend & chatting at a local coffee shop can help.

    3. Are you getting enough rest or sleep? This can also affect your energy & mood.


Keeping balance & motivation in your daily regimen can help fight the blues or kick your bummer mood in the booty! I just went through a few ideas to help with changing it up a little.

Motivation: How To Achieve Your Goals Motivation: How To Achieve Your Goals.
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Also, by keeping a journal or notebook you can track your daily workouts, nutrition, and goals and always look back at what works and what doesn't, so you can change it up if needed. Change is good as it keeps your outlook refreshed and helps to give you something to look forward to!