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The Strongest MySpace Layouts In The World.

Show off your love for bodybuilding and fitness to all of the 9,999 friends in your monster extended network! Simply copy and paste this layout code into your MySpace settings and ooh and ahh at your new pimped-out profile!

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So, pimp out your profile today, and impress all 9,999 of your friends! Who uses MySpace anyway?

Free MySpace Profile Layouts

    Instructions: Copy & paste the code below into your MySpace Profile
                        Heroes section. How?

"Abdominals Light"
MySpace Layout: Abdominals Light

"2006 Olympia"
MySpace Layout: 2006 Olympia

"Clean & Simple Dark"
MySpace Layout: Clean & Simple Dark

"Seashore Blue"
MySpace Layout: Seashore Blue

"Navy Abs"
MySpace Layout: Navy Abs

"Burgundy Bob"
MySpace Layout: Burgundy Bob

"Clean & Simple Light"
MySpace Layout: Clean & Simple Light

"Bicep Flex Dark"
MySpace Layout: Bicep Flex Dark

Have you seen the Arms Super Feature yet?

"Lindley Light"
MySpace Layout: Lindley Light

"Six-Pack Dark"
MySpace Layout: Six-Pack Dark

"Chest Impress Light"
MySpace Layout: Chest Impress Light

How Do I Add Layouts To My MySpace Profile?

Step-By-Step Instructions:

    1. Click inside one of the text boxes above. The text should automatically become selected (hightlighted) - if not, press CTRL+A. Then press CTRL+C to copy the text into the clipboard.

    2. Log in to MySpace with your name and password. If you don't have one, sign up for one - it's free!

    3. From the "Home" page (click the "Home" link if you're not already there), click on the "Edit Profile" link (next to your main image) to reach the "Profile Edit - Interests & Personality" section.

    4. Scroll down to the "Heroes" text box (at the bottom of the page).

    5. Click inside the box (after any text that might already be in there*), and press CTRL+V.

    6. Click on the "Save All Changes" button at either the bottom or the top of the page.

    7. Enter the CAPTCHA code image letters into the box and press the Submit button.

    8. Click on the "View Profile" link (top right-hand corner of page) to see your nifty new layout!

    *You can't have more than one layout at once, however - regardless of which box it's in.

    IE 6 Users - Please Note: the transparent logo and the transparent box backgrounds look way better in IE 7, Firefox, and Opera. Please consider upgrading.

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