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The Buffest MySpace Backgrounds In The World.

Show off your love for bodybuilding and fitness to all of the 9,999 friends in your monster extended network! Simply copy and paste this image URL into your favorite MySpace editor & ooh and ahh at your new pimped-out profile!

Now that you've found our MySpace backgrounds page, did you know that also offers free MySpace layouts to trick out your MySpace profile? Get yours here:

So, pimp out your profile today, and impress all 9,999 of your friends! Who uses MySpace anyway?

Free MySpace Profile Backgrounds

    Instructions: Copy & paste an image URL (below) into your favorite MySpace editor (where it asks for a background image location).

Ava Cowan
MySpace Background: Ava Cowan
Bob Cicherillo
MySpace Background: Bob Cicherillo
Bicep Curl
MySpace Background: Bicep Curl
MySpace Background: Forearm
Bodybuilding Blur
MySpace Background: Bodybuilding Blur

Cool Tip:

You can also use these backgrounds with one of our existing layouts, as well.

Simply change the background image location in the layout code to match the new background image URL. Voilà!

BodySpace: Strength In Numbers! BodySpace: Strength In Numbers!
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