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Ron "Boss" Everline thought his future was in the National Football League. Instead, he's used his fitness chops to become a trainer to the stars, including Kevin Hart, Ne-Yo, and Diddy. Part of what keeps his clients coming back for more is the Boss's ability to make grueling workouts seem fun. We'll see how much fun you have with this torture-fest designed give you the kind of power and explosiveness you need to break boundaries.

"This is a good workout if you want to lift quicker, jump higher, or do any kind of explosive movement from your lower body," Everline says. "It's also a good way to switch up your usual workout. Anytime you force your body to adjust to new movement patterns, you get new gains."

As you'll see, you're going to need some room in your gym to do this workout…and a hill, a sled, some dumbbells, and resistance bands. Maybe a helmet. And an oxygen tank.

Fit this workout into your weekly program and before you know it you'll be jumping out of those squats.

The Boss's Lower-Body Power Workout
Barbell Bulgarian split squat
Or "Bulgarian Split Squat"
3 sets, 8-12 reps
+ 9 more exercises


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The Techniques

Bulgarian Split Squat

Stand facing away from a bench. Lift your right leg and rest your toes on the top on the bench. Use your front leg to drive your torso up with an explosive move. When you come back down, stop for about one second before launching yourself up again.

Dumbbell Lunge Jump

Protect your joints on this scorching exercise by making sure your knees don't go any farther forward than your toes. Keep your core engaged, and switch legs back and forth quickly, with an emphasis on jumping high in the air. Keep up a rapid pace for total burnout. Choose lighter dumbbells at first so you don't overstress your knees.

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Backward Lunge Walk

Stand with your feet together. As you bend both knees, move your right foot a comfortable length behind you. Keeping your torso erect, use your left leg to push yourself backward. As you move backward, straighten your right leg to raise your torso, then move your left leg a comfortable distance behind you and repeat the sequence. If you're up for a bigger challenge, do this exercise while carrying a barbell across your shoulders.

Resistance-Band Pull Sprint

If you can't find a partner to help you with this exercise, attach one end of a resistance band to something sturdy, like a pole, an exercise machine, or a wall ring. Put the resistance band around your waist and run against the band for 15-30 seconds.

10-Yard Sprint

Assume the starting position, with knees bent and both feet and the fingers of one hand touching the ground. Fire off the ground and drive hard with your legs for the full 10 yards. Rest a moment, shake out your legs, and repeat.

30-Second Uphill Sprint

Nothing fancy here. Find a hill you think you can run up for 30 seconds straight. Start from a standing position and run up the hill as fast as you can, then rest as you walk back down to the starting point. As soon as you reach the bottom, assume your starting position and sprint up the hill again. You can also do these sprints up bleachers.

Sled Push

There's nothing fancy about this exercise, either. Get low to the ground so you can get low to the sled. This position will help you direct the force of your push forward instead of down. Keep your legs moving fast. Pump your knees!

Suspension Side Run

Attach a strap to your waist, connect the other end of the strap to a sled and, running sideways, drag the sled for 30-40 yards. Your body will want to turn and run normally. Resist the urge and keep running sideways. It might feel awkward, but it'll give your legs the pump of their life.

Lunge Sled Push

Grab the sled handles with both hands and one leg in front of the other. Lean into the sled and push it forward explosively with both arms, taking your hands off the sled as it slides away in front of you. Start each push using alternating legs. Drive the leading leg forward as you give the sled a hard, powerful push. How far ahead can you make it slide? Experiment with how much weight to put on the sled.

As you go through this workout, don't use so much weight that you can't explode out of each exercise. The point of this workout is to make your legs stronger, but also to help you develop that explosive power. To build that power, you have to choose a weight that lets you launch out of each starting pose with force!

Main | Ron "Boss" Everline's Lower-Body Power Workout | Strong Legs, Big Legs | One Month To Bigger, Badder Legs | The Ultimate Guide To Building Next Level Nutrition

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