Building a stage-worthy bikini physique requires intense focus and careful training. Every muscle group warrants its own special workout within the weekly split to help you sculpt amazing lines and killer curves.

But as NutraBio-sponsored athlete Sarah Hunsberger knows, the end of the week is a great time to give your muscles a little extra attention en route to achieving your goals. As an NPC Collegiate Bikini Champion and amateur Olympia competitor, Hunsberger knows how to get the most out of her training schedule.

"I like to do this workout after I've already hit the other muscle groups in the beginning of the week," she explains.

The rep ranges are flexible, so you can use this total-body workout as an extra muscle-building opportunity, or a head-to-toe, calorie-burning conditioner at the end of the week.

Sarah Hunsberger's Full-Body Finisher Workout
Military press
3-4 sets, 8-10 reps
+ 7 more exercises


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Barbell Military Press

Hunsberger uses the barbell military press to warm up her shoulders for what's coming next in the workout. Starting with the barbell across your collarbone, press the weight straight overhead in one fluid motion. Move your head back and out of the way as you bring the bar back down. As with all shoulder exercises, keep your core engaged and your back straight.

Superset: EZ-Bar Upright Row With EZ-Bar Shrug

For the shoulder superset, choose an EZ-bar you know you can lift for at least 10 reps. The challenge of this set is the complete lack of rest between the upright row and the shrug, since you'll be holding the same bar for both exercises.

Full-Body Finisher

Lift your elbows up high as you pull the bar up to just under your chin for the upright row. During the shrug, focus on squeezing the bar up as you draw up your shoulders to your ears. Lower the bar with control for each exercise. Rest 45-60 seconds between each superset.

PRE, 20 Servings
PRE, 20 Servings
NutraBio PRE sets the standard for hard hitting amino acid based pre-workouts.

Superset: Machine Incline Press With Seated Cable Row

Supersetting front and back exercises is a classic technique for total-body workouts. Hunsberger pairs the incline press with the seated cable row to hit all the major muscle groups in her upper body in one set.

At this point in the workout, your target rep ranges increase to 12-15. So, push yourself and choose weights that challenge your muscles.

Triset: Good Mornings With Dumbbell Pull-Over and In-and-Out on a Bench

This set hits it all—legs, back, chest, and core. Hunsberger starts with a deep hip hinge on the good mornings to hit the glutes, hamstrings, and core before moving to dumbbell pull-overs, which target the lats and chest.

Full-Body Finisher

Finish the total-body set with in-and-outs on a bench. Balance on your hands as you extend your legs straight out before crunching hard through the abs as you draw your knees back in. For an added challenge, hold a small dumbbell between your feet. Rest 60 seconds between each triset.

Superset: Biceps Curl to Arnold Press With Russian Twist

You're halfway through the workout now, which means you've worked every major muscle group. Now it's time to focus on smaller details.

Hunsberger combines biceps curls with Arnold presses for the first exercise and medicine ball Russian twists for the second, giving you a three-in-one superset to hit your arms, shoulders, and abs. Keep each movement slow and controlled. Focus on the muscle contraction and engaging your core at all times.

Superset: Lateral Raise to Front Raise With Hanging Knee Raise

Keep your elbows slightly bent as you raise the dumbbells to the side, pausing when you reach shoulder height. Keeping your chest up and back straight, bring the dumbbells to the front, pause, then extend your arms back out to the side, keeping the dumbbells at shoulder height throughout the movement.

Full-Body Finisher

For the hanging knee raises, Hunsberger chooses a neutral grip pull-up bar, but you can use any bar or grip that feels comfortable for you. Keep your legs slightly bent as you contract your abs and raise your toes. Knee raises also can be performed on the dip bars or using ab slings, if your grip is not strong enough to hang.

Tuck your hips to fully engage the abs. If a straight leg raise is too difficult, try bending your knees slightly. If the movement is too easy, hold a dumbbell between your feet or wear ankle weights. Lower your legs with control each time back to the starting position.

Superset: Triceps Cable Push-Down With Cable Crunch

On the final superset of this total-body workout, hit the last few details in your arms and abs with push-downs and crunches. Bend slightly forward from the hips to give you more room to fully extend your arms on the push-down. Squeeze your triceps at the bottom of the movement and pause on each contraction. Keeping your elbows in one place and your shoulders back will help you better isolate the triceps.

To perform the cable crunch, kneel in front of the stack, facing away from the pulley. Hold the rope attachment behind your head with one end over each shoulder. Keep your hips off your heels and pull your abs in tight as you bend at the waist—not at the hips—drawing your elbows to your thighs as if you were doing a sit-up. Exhale for a better contraction, then return to the starting position.

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