In powerlifting circles, the "1,000-pound club" for your 1RM totals on the bench, squat, and deadlift is a classic strength benchmark to aim for. There are a number of ways to cook it: 250/375/375, 300/400/400, or heck, even 400/300/300 if big benching is your thing. No, it's probably not going to win you any competitions, but it's downright respectable strength.

But the 1,000-pound club that Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison just created burned that old clubhouse to the ground.

On his Instagram feed, which has become a regular site of jaw-dropping strength feats in recent years, Harrison posted a video of himself doing three seriously smooth 1-1/4 reps on the decline bench with 405. That's right: 1-1/4 reps!

As anyone who has tried Steve Cook's Modern Physique or other programs containing this type of reps knows, they're far more difficult than single reps.

The second half of Harrison's deadly duo is the mighty barbell hip thrust, a move also favored by The Rock. But Harrison's were for 6 reps (or maybe more, since the video starts mid-set) with what appears to be 675 pounds. That's terrifying strength.

Looking to make the decline press your new upper-body priority? Check out contributor Roger Lockridge's guide "One Move for a Big Chest", which provides several classic ways to program the move, ranging from German Volume Training to Kris Gethin's DTP sets.

Strength coach Ben Bruno has you covered on the hip thrust with his guide "Up with Hip Thrusts: 7 New Variations". 

Join the club. Press, thrust, grow—then let us know!

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