There's a saying that has been shared in sports for several years now: If you want to win championships, you have to do champion sh—well, you get where I'm going with this. Put simply, if you want serious results, you have to do serious work.

To get big arms, you'd better be ready to push yourself to new levels of intensity. This beasts-only arm workout is going to hurt—but time spent talking is time wasted. Let's get to work!

Beasts-Only Arm Workout
Barbell Curl
or EZ-Bar Curl. 1 set to failure.
1 set, to failure
+ 4 more exercises


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Technique Keys

Barbell or EZ-Bar Curl

Choose whichever exercise will work best for you based on preference or the equipment you have available. This is a 5-minute AMRAP, so take that into consideration when choosing your bar, especially since you'll be loading a weight that you'd normally do for no more than 10 reps. Hey, I told you this workout is a beast!

Barbell Curl

Set a timer or watch a clock. Once you start, you have 5 minutes to get as many reps as you possible can. Curl to failure, rest for a few seconds, then go again. When you resume, pick up the count where you left off. You want to go all out during your working interval, so set the bar down and rest completely when you need it, but only so you can pick that bar right back up a few seconds later. Don't even think about a target rep range. Just go.

When that 5 minutes is up, rest for 2 minutes.

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Lying Triceps Extension

What you just did for the curls is what you will do again here. If you have elbow issues, make sure your elbows are warmed up before you start, or choose another movement, like close-grip bench or dips instead. Just make sure to pick a movement you can do for the full 5 minutes—the goal is growth, not injury!

Once again, choose a heavy weight you can only do for about 10 reps before failure. Then, just start your clock and go, unleashing that beast within you to dominate the bar. After your 5 minutes are up, rest for a solid 2 minutes.

Superset: Alternate Dumbbell Curl and Floor Dumbbell Press

Next, you'll knock out a superset with dumbbells, forcing each arm to work independently. If you prefer to save time on the curls, you can work both arms at once rather than alternating.

Alternate Dumbbell Curl

As soon as you finish your first set of curls, hit the floor and go straight into floor presses. Hold the dumbbells in a neutral or hammer grip, letting your elbows stop on the floor to keep the emphasis on the triceps. Take 2 minutes to rest between supersets, and complete 4 total rounds.

Giant Set: Lying Cable Curls, Standing Cable Curls, Overhead Cable Extension, and Triceps Press-down

Giant arms require giant sets, and with this onslaught of heavy cable-focused arm exercises, you'll be busting those shirt sleeves in no time! You'll basically live at the cable station for this giant set. Pick the handle you like best because you'll use it for all four exercises. If you have any doubts, just use the rope.

Standing Cable Curl

Set the pulley to the bottom and lie on the floor to perform the first set of curls. After 10-12 reps, stand up and do 10-12 standing curls. Now, move your attachment up top. Face away for the overhead triceps extensions, then spin back around and finish the set with your basic triceps press-downs. Complete 4 giant sets just like that, taking only 90 seconds of rest in between. Once you finish this monster set, you'll have an arm pump like nothing you've ever felt before.

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