There are many great duos that have made an impact on us over the years. Peanut butter and jelly, Jordan and Pippen, Mario and Luigi, and for us muscle people, it would have to be that most dynamic of all duos, the biceps and triceps.

Take on this arm workout every 4-5 days and see definite results in one month. It won't be easy to build great arms in such a short period of time, but it will be worth it.

This workout will be better if you have a gym partner—which is good because gains like these shouldn't be enjoyed alone. Rest 90 seconds between sets.

1 Month to Big Arms Workout
Barbell Curl
Pyramid sets
2 sets, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 reps
+ 5 more exercises


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Technique Tips

Barbell Curl

This is a pyramid set with a fixed rep range, meaning you'll add weight with each mini set but keep the same number of reps until you reach your max, then you'll strip weight and follow the same progression and rep scheme back down to your starting point.

Barbell Curl

Grab a barbell and as many 5s or 10s as you can get your hands on. You'll need about six plates depending on your strength level. Start with one plate on each side of the bar. Perform 5 reps. Have your partner help you quickly add a plate to each side, then do 5 more reps. Add another plate and repeat.

Add weight until you can barely perform 5 reps. At this point you will start stripping them off one at a time, performing 3-5 reps per drop. It should take you around 8 mini sets to finish. If you can do more than 10 mini sets, use bigger plates. Two rounds of this will light up your biceps!

Weighted Dip

You're going to do the weight and rep progression for this exercise as you did for the biceps. For weighted dips, you might want to use bigger plates—25s or even 45s if you have it in you. Remember, you're trying to build bigger arms in just four weeks, so this is not the time to take it easy.

Perform 5 triceps dips using only your body weight. Have your partner place a weight on your lap, or if you're working out solo, keep the plate right next to you so you can easily add it yourself. Immediately perform 5 reps, then pause to add more weight and repeat. Keep going until you reach that top point where you max out at 5 reps.

Have your partner strip off the plates one at a time, doing 5 reps in between each weight drop. If you must train alone, you can also do this with dips on the bars while using chains as the resistance or on a triceps dip machine, where you can quickly and easily adjust the weight.

Cross-Body Hammer Curl

If you've never done cross-body hammer curls before, you're going to have a new favorite biceps-builder. Not only do these hit the brachialis, but you'll notice a pretty impressive forearm pump, too.

Hold the dumbbells by your side, palms facing your body. Keeping your palms facing in and without twisting your arm, curl the dumbbell of the right arm up toward your left shoulder as you exhale. When you reach the top of the curl, squeeze that bicep as hard as you can and hold for a second. This will maximize the pump in your biceps and your forearms.

Slowly lower the weight back down to the starting position and pause for a beat before you lift the weight in the opposite arm. Continue alternating between arms, resisting the urge to swing back and forth or use momentum. Don't forget to squeeze your triceps when you reach the bottom of each rep, so your biceps are fully stretched.

Dumbbell Floor Press

These will not only help you hit those triceps hard, but you'll find that they can help you in other presses because you'll train more power locking out your weight.

Lie on the floor holding dumbbells in your hands with your knees bent so your back is flat.

Hold the weights fully extended above you, palms facing, then slowly lower the weights until your upper arm touches the floor. To emphasize the triceps, tuck your elbows in to your sides as you lower the weights. Pause for a beat, then press the weights back up, squeezing those tris at the top so you feel the muscles engage.

Keep your tempo slow. Focus on feeling those triceps burn as you lower the weights on each rep. This is a very safe exercise since you're on the floor, so choose challenging weights and have your partner spot you for added safety.

Superset: Rope Hammer Curl and Rope Press-down

At this point, your arms should be so thrashed that the amount of weight you use is less important than the movement itself. The rope attachment for these exercises allows you to twist at the wrists so you can maximize the contraction of the biceps and triceps.

Rope Press-Down

Start your first superset with the curls, rotating your palms outward at the top of the curl to emphasize that brachialis. Immediately follow with the rope press-down, pressing out with the thumbs to get a good contraction in the triceps.

On the next superset, reverse it, starting with the press-downs, then following up with the hammer curls. If at any point you must use momentum to move the weight, reduce it. Slow down and make the muscles work on their own. Proper muscle activation is essential to maximizing growth.

Repeat this workout every 4-5 days for a month, and you're sure to see bigger arms in just a few short weeks!

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