QHi Obi, what's the best form of HIIT cardio for shredding fat and getting ripped?

Sprinting is one of the most explosive cardiovascular, fat burning workouts you can do. It's also great because it requires no equipment other than an open track or field. It's a full-body workout that targets an array of muscle groups. Your calves, hamstrings, glutes, hip abductors, pecs, lats, biceps and abs are all activated by sprinting. So make like Usain Bolt and run!

Sprint For A Six Pack

Want to know a secret? Every time you lift your leg in the air while sprinting, you're working your abs. Most people think that the best way to train their abs is to crunch or sit-up themselves into oblivion. I can honestly attribute my abdominal development to my years as a high school and college sprint athlete.

Sprinting twice a week will elevate your metabolism. One of the reasons I am able to stay lean is because I implement sprinting into my weekly workouts. If you can do HIIT sprints twice a week along with weight-training and a good diet, you'll undoubtedly see some steady results. Your ripped body is calling your name!

HIIT Sprints

The Warm Up

To prevent injuries, be sure to get a good warm up. Jog around the track for about a mile and then do some dynamic stretching. Be sure to stretch your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and groin.


After you stretch, do sprinting drills to get your body really warmed up for the workout. The drills should be difficult enough for you to be sweaty. It's imperative that you warm up completely or you risk getting injured.

  • High Knees for 40 yards: 3 repetitions
  • Quick Feet for 40 yards: 3 repetitions
  • Striding for 40 yards: 3 repetitions
  • Bounding Drills for 40 yards: 3 repetitions

The Workouts

Straight Curve Intervals
Sprint the 100 meter straights at 50 to 70 percent speed and then walk or jog the turns for your recovery. Do this 5 times around the track. Your workout will be complete when you've sprinted 10 straight-aways and jogged 10 curves.
Running, Treadmill
5 sets, 100 m
200 repeats
Begin by sprinting 200 meters (start on the turn), and then walk around the rest of the track to the starting line. Your walk will be 200 meters and should take 2-3 minutes. That should be enough recovery time before you begin your next sprint immediately upon returning to the starting line. Complete six repetitions.
Running, Treadmill
6 sets, 200 m
300 repeats
Sprint 300 meters and walk for 100. Begin your next sprint as soon as you've returned to the starting line. Repeat four times.
Running, Treadmill
4 sets, 300 m
250 Repeats
Sprint 250 meters and then walk around the track 150 meters until you reach the starting line. Begin next sprint immediately upon return. Repeat five times.
Running, Treadmill
5 sets, 250 m


After your workout, walk two victory laps to help your muscles rid themselves of lactic acid buildup. Also, make sure that you are taking at least two days of recovery between sprint sessions. A Monday/Thursday split works great.

Sprinting Techniques

Sprinting requires some athletic prowess. Using proper form can make you a much more powerful and efficient runner.

  • Relax your arms and swing them backward and forward at a 90 degree angle. Never cross your arms in front of your body, but move each arm opposite of each leg.

  • Don't run on your toes-you're not a ballerina-run on the balls of your feet.

  • Try not to over-stride, but keep your stride within a comfortable length. Don't risk hamstring injuries.

  • Relax your upper body. Running tight will make you slow. If you're relaxed, your cheeks should be bouncing all over the place.

So there you have it-my ultimate HIIT workout. Take it for a spin and you can become a HIIT man too.

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