It's six-pack time! Amanda Latona's favorite abs-building movement is the hanging leg raise. Strange as it may seem, Amanda says to change your grip to hit different portions of your abs. "With a wider grip, I feel it more in my upper abs."

She adds that you can make the movement harder or easier depending on where you put your legs. "Straight legs are more difficult. But, you can just raise your knees if you want, or do dropsets and go from straight leg to knee raises."

Amanda recommends doing 3 sets of the hanging leg raise, doing 12-15 reps per set of whatever variation fits your current ability level. "Top to bottom," says Amanda, "this movement is great for abdominal development."  

Latona Trivia

Q. If you had to choose two BSN products, what would they be?

"NO-Xplode. I've been using that product since 2006. It's my number one pre-workout product. I love the energy and I love the pumps! I'd also choose Syntha-6. I love the chocolate peanut butter version."

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