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Do you want to take your biceps workout to a new level? Learn how to get 24

Do you want to take your biceps workout to a new level? Try this exercise and feel your biceps explode into new growth.

Note: A video is down below.

  • Start out with a 20 lb. barbell (or whatever weight works for you).

  • Perform 8 strict reps of standing barbell curls. Strict means no leaning back or forward, no moving your elbows, and no "swinging" the weight up. Use your biceps only to do the exercise!

  • Once you finish your 8 reps put the 20 lb. barbell down and immediately pick up the 30 lb. barbell

  • Once again perform 8 strict reps.

  • Keep going up in weight until you cannot get 8 strict reps with a certain weight. For example, if you can only get 6 reps with the 50 lb. Barbell, stop and put it down.

  • Rest for 2 minutes.

  • After 2 minutes of rest pick up the 50 lb barbell and perform 8 strict reps, then drop down to the 40 and do 8… etc. On this set you must perform 8 reps with each weight.

NOTE: You will only perform 2 sets of this exercise, one that increases in weight and the other that decreases in weight.

Example Of Workout

Set 1

Weight Reps
20 8
30 8
40 8
50 6 *
Set 2

Weight Reps
50 8
40 8
30 8
20 6

View a printable page, click here!

* Stopped at 6 because of muscle failure

** Caution: This exercise is extremely painful (the good kind of pain) and you will feel your biceps and forearms burning. Perform this exercise last in your bicep/arm workout and only do it once every 2-3 weeks.

View The Video

Set #1 (1:19):
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Set #2 (1:19):
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Get ready for great gains!


Nick Cerone

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